Best (Free) iOS Emulators APKs to run iPhone Apps on Android

For all those Apple fans who love the look & feel of iPhone, its apps and want to have an iPhone of their own but can’t afford to pay the hefty price that Apple has put in their proprietary device – iPhone, we have provided several workarounds which allow you to get interface of iPhone on your Android device, apps to transform Android to iPhone and even told how to install iOS  in Android.

But, if you are an app developer or a die-hard fan of iPhone who even wants to run iOS apps in Android then none of these previous articles are going to work. However, there is a way to run iPhone apps on Android and that’s through iOS emulators for Android.

ios in android

So, for those of you who want to run iOS apps on Android, I am telling you 2 awesome iOS emulators which are available for free. You can use them to run/test your favorite iPhone apps in Android without any hassle. Please notice that support for these emulators have stopped way earlier so, you can’t get official support on these emulators anymore. However, you can ask for tips/advice in popular Android forums online.

The two best iOS emulators available for Android right now are – Cider APK and iEMU (also known as PadaoidAPK.

Cider APK

Cider iOS emulator is the first choice for everyone who wants to run iOS app in Android. With Cider APK, you’ll have the functionality to run & test any desired iPhone app. To use this app, first make sure you’ve granted the permission in your Android phone to install apps from unknown sources. To do this, navigate to Settings >> Security >> Enable app installation from Unknown Sources

Once it’s done, you need to download Cider APK to your smartphone. Follow this link: Download Cider iOS Emulator APK.

Once you’ve download Cider APK, install it on your Android device and enjoy the experience of running iOS apps on Android. Some of the great features of Cider iOS Emulator APK are:

  • Cider allows you to run almost all iOS app in your Android
  • You can try unlimited iOS apps in Android
  • No hidden cost
  • Cider iOS emulator is free and easy to use.

iEMU APK (or, Padoid APK)

iEMU or iEmulator is another powerful app which allows users to run iOS app in Android phone. The iOS emulator is popularly known as Padoid APK. So, either you are searching for iEMU or Padoid APK, you know this is what you’re looking for. iEMU is used by many app developers who are looking to run iOS apps on Android to test their iOS app in a proper mobile environment.

While running this iOS emulator, you might not face any issue but it demands slightly high space in your mobile so before installing the app you should consider optimizing your Android phone’s performance.

To download iEMU APK (or Padoid APK), please refer to the following link: Download iEMU App.

Once downloaded, install and run the app to enjoy the experience of using & testing iOS app on your Android device. You might face performance issue if you don’t have enough storage space or RAM free in your device but if it’s not, you can instantly start running iOS app in your device using iEMU iOS Emulator APK.

Wrapping it up

These above apps might provide half of the functionality and support that a real iOS device can provide you. So, if you’re serious about developing iOS app, you should consider using an original iOS device because it might reveal several important flaws and errors in your iOS app that these iOS emulators might not be able to reveal.

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