The Best PDF Tools To Edit PDF

How to edit PDF? This is a question often asked by users who want to modify the content of documents in this popular format. The PDF format has become the standard for transmitting and storing information. Therefore, there is an increasing need to edit, modify or convert such files.

We present the best tools for editing PDF online and offline, but also in the form of applications. They will help you effectively manage PDF documents, regardless of your needs and skills.

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How to Edit PDF: Guide to Editing PDF Documents

Editing PDF documents doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated, thanks to the wide range of online tools and applications available on the market. Depending on your needs, you can choose from free and paid PDF solutions that offer a variety of editing features.

Online PDF tools such as SmallPDF, Adobe Acrobat Online or Sejda allow you to edit PDF files directly in the browser. This is especially convenient for people who do not want to install additional software on their computer.

For more advanced editing tasks, you may want to consider desktop applications. These are SwifDoo PDF, Adobe Acrobat Pro or Nitro Pro.

They offer many advanced features, including adding and removing text and graphics, as well as converting PDF files to other formats. Before you start editing, it is worth reading the instructions on how to use the selected tool to get the most out of its capabilities.

PDF editing tools – online services and desktop applications

There are many PDF editing tools, both online and in the form of applications, that make it easy to modify PDF files according to the user’s needs. Choosing the right PDF editing tool depends on the user’s needs and preferences. It is important to pay attention to the features that are most important to us, as well as compatibility with our operating system.

If you are wondering how to edit PDF, below are the most popular tools available on the market.

Online tools – editing, modification, conversion of PDF files

  • Adobe Acrobat Online – Part of the Adobe product family, Acrobat Online offers a robust cloud-based PDF editing tool that is compatible with other Adobe products.
  • Sejda – an online tool that allows you to edit, convert and combine PDF files. Sejda also offers password protection and watermarking features.
  • ILovePDF – a popular online tool that allows you to edit, convert, compress, combine and split PDF files. ILovePDF is easy to use and does not require software installation.
  • PDF2Go – an online service that offers editing, conversion, compression and other PDF file management features. It also allows you to OCR and add watermarks to documents.
  • SmallPDF – an intuitive online tool that allows you to edit, convert and compress PDF files. Smallpdf is accessible for beginners and requires no software installation. 
  • Soda PDF Online – offers a cloud-based PDF editing service that allows you to edit, convert, combine and secure PDF files. In addition to the online version, Soda PDF also offers desktop applications for Windows and macOS.

Desktop applications – editing, modification, conversion of PDF files

PDF files are essential for many companies because they are safer and more professional than other documents. Their smaller size makes them a great solution for long-term storage or easy sharing with others. Unlike other formats, editing PDF documents is only possible using editors, which can be quite expensive or do not have as many functions as Microsoft Office. 

Therefore, converting a PDF file, e.g. to Word format, is often a very good solution. Today we will present some best PDF programs that can convert PDF file to Word format on Windows PC.

SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is a tool available as a desktop program. The application is equipped with a whole range of functions necessary for PDF editing. We can quickly and conveniently, by simply downloading a dedicated PDF software, open a PDF file and then process it by selecting one of the tiles available in the program:

  • Compressing PDF
  • PDF converter
  • PDF editing
  • Reader
  • Page numbering
  • Deleting specific pages from a file
  • Rotate PDF
  • PDF combining
  • PDF splitting
  • PDF unlocking
  • Securing PDF
  • PDF scanning

Adobe Acrobat Pro – One of the most famous PDF editing programs, Adobe Acrobat Pro offers advanced features, including text, graphics, form editing and PDF conversion. 

Nitro Pro – an application for Windows that allows you to edit, convert and create PDF files. The program is easy to use and offers many advanced features.

Final words

Are you looking for a program that will help you easily edit a document in PDF format? 

We have reviewed the most popular tools including SwifDoo PDF and of this type and selected those that we believe deserve the most attention. 

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