Best Plagiarism Tools, Alternative of Turnitin

Plagiarism is a negative act because you are using content that belongs to someone else. Let us drill into some basics before we understand the details of plagiarism. When content is written by a writer, he owns it because he develops it from the start. He puts in days of hard work, dedication and concentration to develop quality content that can attract readers. Consider the example of a college assignment on management principles.

To work on an assignment, you have to collect information from credible sources after you have understood the scope. Credible sources are not easy to find and once you get hold of them, you cannot use the content as is. It has to be reworded. Along with that, you cannot take any chances with the originality of the submitted content. You need to check it through a proper plagiarism checker. This is a way of getting sure that your content is actually plagiarism free.

Plagiarism tools

Quality Tools apart from Turnitin

If you talk about high quality plagiarism checking tools used by students all over the world, Turnitin is one of the common ones. However, it is not the only tool used by students. You can consider other quality options to check the content of your paper. High quality plagiarism checking tools apart from Turnitin are listed below. All these tools are dependable and highlight all content sections that are copied.

  1. Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker

As a student, when you are selecting a tool for checking plagiarism, there should be no trust related issues. It is obvious that when a student is using a plagiarism checker, he would submit the content straight away after the content has been checked. If the tool is not dependable, it would not check the content properly and some sections would be skipped. As a result, the student would face issues when the paper is being checked by the advisor. Even if one small section of the paper is plagiarized, the entire paper would be rejected.

  • The Prepostseo Plagiarism checker is a good alternative for Turnitin. It has a high count of users because it is very simple to use. The interface of this tool is very easy. When you open the link to the tool, you would see a text box for pasting the content. Along with that, the content can also be uploaded in the form of a document. This tool supports documents in PDF, DOCX, TXT and other formats as well. Once the document has been uploaded or the text has been pasted, you should click the button for checking plagiarism. Once the tool has checked the content, if any part of the content is plagiarized, it would be shown on your screen.
  • This tool is completely free without the application of any conditions. It does not restrict the user with a trial version after which a paid version needs to be procured. It is free for an unlimited time span and users can perform as many plagiarism checks as they want to. If you have a website, this tool can be added as a widget to it.
  • This plagiarism checker is highly dependable. You do not have to use any other tool or perform a manual check for plagiarism after this tool has been used. In an overall manner, if you are seeking a quality alternative to Turnitin, this is one option you should consider.
  1. Copy Scape

Copy Scape is a tool used very commonly. A lot of students studying in colleges and universities use it. It a quality tool but all features are not available for free.

  • There is a free comparison tool through which you can check whether any part of your content has been published online in the past or not. The tool is quite effective and students can depend on the output. Copy Scape has gained so much popularity due to easy user interface it puts on offer. First of all, students do not need to have any kind of technical knowledge to use this tool. It has very basic features and students can check the written content in a simple manner. This is one of the many reasons why college and university students prefer this tool highly.
  • Dependability is one of the other benefits offered by this tool. The user can count on the produced results without having a doubt in his mind. If the tool shows that no part of the content has been copied, you can be rest assured and submit the content without any doubt.
  • Copy Scape suits all kinds of customers who want to get their content checked for plagiarism. A web content developer has to publish fresh content for the readers from time to time. Each time, the web content writer has to make sure that the content is completely original and checking manually is not a possibility for him. Thus, a lot of web content writers use copy scape so that the content can be scanned in a convenient and result oriented manner. Copy Scape is completely reliable and customers count on it completely.

Summing It Up

Taking chances with plagiarism is nothing but foolishness so it is always better to use a quality tool rather than depend on manual proofreading. Using a professional tool creates various advantages for students, web content developers and other users as well. First of all, the user can save a lot of time. Manual checking for plagiarism is not an easy process in any manner. Users are required to give in a lot of time for checking and even then, there is a possibility of skipping plagiarized content sections.

Turitin is a recommended tool but there are other alternative quality checkers that can be used in its place. One of them is Prepostseo plagiarism checker. It is a 100% online tool that offers all features without charging any cost. Along with that, Copy Scape is another option which users can look at.

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