Best Spoken English Practice Apps for Android

English is the most widely used official language nowadays. It is not just used in offices, but also spoken in daily life. Every area of the world whether science, tourism, IT professionals are conversing in English. It makes it important for everyone to learn to speak English. Days are gone when we were waiting for English language classes to learn English. Learning English has become less challenging for us now.

Best English Practice apps for Android are mentioned below in this article to improve English speaking. These awesome English learning apps can be used anywhere and at any time on your mobile. 

English friends

1.  HiNative

This app works in a question-and-answer forum. This app is basically for students who are preparing for any international examination. The learner needs to register freely. He can choose the community among the following:

  1. Pronunciation
  2. Translation
  3. Vocabulary

Learners can ask other learners or professionals to correct the mentioned text and any ambiguous term can also be clarified there.

Download HiNative English Language Learning App for Android

2. Forvo

This app helps us in learning all kinds of words and phrases with the pronunciation provided by real native speakers around the world. It is fun that you can upload a word’s pronunciation in your native language! In this app, users will play audio clips of English speakers’ pronunciation.

Each video is rated by other learners which helps the learner to figure out the most reliable clip. It provides unique accents in male and female voices. The learner needs to hear the same English word again and again to learn it. The learner must pay $2.99.

Download Forvo English Pronunciation App for Android

3. Cambly

It is the app where the English learner gets connected directly to English teachers from all over the world. As learning anything requires practice. This app provides us a platform where you can practice speaking English with a person from an English country. Because you can not learn English only by learning Grammar rules. The teacher starts with some basic questions like learner interests, hobbies, etc.

The best feature of this app is its flexibility in terms of time. Learners can log in any time and find a teacher according to his suitable time. The learner will help you with grammar, pronunciation, or building confidence. It provides us with the below filter features to search teachers according to your requirements:

  1. According to Teacher’s personality
  2. According to Teacher’s availability

Type of Lesson

  1. Type of level
  2. According to accent

The monthly charge of Cambly is 85 $.

Download Cambly English Teaching App for Android

4. SpeakingPal

It is available in both modes free of cost and also a premium version. The premium version costs 8.99$ for one month. It lets you allow scripted conversation with the video character. In this app, the learner will speak and the speech recognition system will listen to that voice to let him know how good his pronunciation is.

It provides mini-lessons in video form and quizzes for understanding. You can find translations of any script to learn vocabulary. SpeakingPal keeps track of your progress that will help in improving your speaking skills. 

Download SpeakingPal Spoken English Learning App

5. Beelinguapp

Beelinguapp is simple and efficient to use and learn. This app offers audiobooks to help the learner improve your knowledge about the language they want to learn. The English language is also available for learners. The learner here learns the language by first listening to the stories in the language he wants to learn and then reading the text side by side in his native language. For audiobooks listeners, it is the best way to learn to speak English.

Download Beelinguapp Spoken English Practice App

 6. Hello English

This is the best app for an English-speaking course especially for Indians because it contains mostly Indian languages like Urdu, Punjabi, Tamil, Marathi, etc. Its content is also available in offline mode so that learners can download lessons when the network is available and can watch them later. In this app, there are many interactive games to make learning fun. The learner can ask questions from the tutor. You can go for news articles and e-books in this app.

Download Hello English Practice & Learning App

 7. Speak English Fluently

This app is available free of cost. This app is based on some quick sample dialogues that we use in everyday life. This app helps beginners with common sentences and vocabulary used frequently. It also provides small lessons related to idioms, phrasal and irregular verbs. It boosts the confidence of the learner by recording your voice when he is practicing and comparing it with the original version.

Download Speak English Fluently Android App

8. EngVarta

It is an English conversation practice platform. This is a paid app. Here the learner does one on one conversation with English experts over the phone at your scheduled time. It gives the real-life experience of speaking in English as we find in a classroom.

The philosophy of EngVarta is to provide cent percent practice of listening, repeating, and talking. Learning is comfortable here as there is no one to judge you, your identity is anonymous here. The learner listens to call recordings and completes assignments.

Download English Speaking App: EngVarta for Android

 9. Duolingo

Duolingo is a free English-speaking course app. It has more than 300 million users worldwide.  It has changed the way to learn English. The uniqueness of this app is that it uses a gaming approach for learning to speak English. Here, a bunch of grammar and vocabulary lessons is provided in the game form. The lesson size is so small that the learner can enjoy the learning even in his breaks. It is based on Artificial Intelligence to recognize and speak. It will show your progress in the visualized form. It penalizes the learner for each small mistake. But it does not provide any video tutoring or interaction with other students.

Download Duolingo Learn English App for Android

Speaking in English is important for surviving in today’s world. It is the need of the hour both for job purposes and for good status in society. People are greatly influenced by our English-speaking skills. So, learning through apps is the most affordable way. Some other apps are Embibe, ELSA Speak and Learn English. Talk English etc that will help you in learning to speak English. So go for anyone.

Final Words

These are some of the best English-learning apps available on Android which you can use to improve your English no matter if you’re a beginner or intermediate level English speaker. Millions of users have used these apps and improved their English to clear even the IELTS, CEFR, TOEFL, etc. exams in just the first attempt.

So, whether you’re learning English for personal or professional life, I am sure, these spoken English learning apps are surely gonna help you to boost your expertise in this language.