Top 10 Easiest Musical Instruments to Learn (for Students)

Music is something that we all love. It’s a way of expressing ourselves melodiously. It soothes and heals our body, mind and soul. Usually, when we see others playing a guitar or piano,  we wish to learn to play them. But suppress our wish or get off the idea by thinking we can’t do that.

Surely you have heard “Start learning an instrument at an early age to  master it”. It’s good to know that this is only a myth. You can learn any musical instrument at any age. The only thing that it requires is just practice. So don’t suppress your liking any more. Give yourself a chance! 

Let’s talk about some of the top musical instruments which you can learn in an easy go.students band

1. Drums

It is recommended for students of all schools i.e. elementary, secondary or high school. It is very easy to learn to play drums for punk or rock songs. And if you have good coordination then learning drums is not a big task for you. The duration of one drum lesson varies from 30 minutes to one hour. The average cost you have to pay is $40 per hour. The total time of learning it depends on your dedication and the level up to which you want to learn. It takes 10-12 months to become proficient and 18 months to 2 years to become a master. There is a good scope and various types of careers involving drumming. You can become a teacher, a session musician, play in bands, run workshops or music business etc.    

2. Piano

It’s a simple instrument to start with. In a few weeks of lessons, you are able to play chords along to rock and pop songs. The average cost of one piano lesson is $50 per hour. The total time of learning it depends how much time you invest in practising it. Generally, it takes 3-5 years to see great results. There are many job options available for pianists such as a concert pianist, a teacher in music school or university, piano player in a band or church, solo performer, orchestral pianist etc.   

3. Trumpet

Trumpet is mainly recommended for middle and high school students. It is the ideal beginning brass instrument. In general, a trumpet lesson lasts for 30 minutes. The average cost of the lesson is $30. Obviously, the cost increases with the increment in lesson duration. The more you practise the less months you take in getting mastery. If you practice on a daily basis, you can learn to play a basic trumpet in a few months. But if you practice twice a week, then mastery will occur in 1-2 years. There are abundant careers in trumpet playing. Some of these are private trumpet instructor, university trumpet professor, commercial trumpet player, orchestral trumpet player etc.

4. Violin

Playing violin can be a little bit challenging for you in comparison to other instruments. But if you are disciplined and well-determined then you can play it well for sure. The average cost of a 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes lesson is $40, $50 and $65 respectively. Generally, one will become confident in playing violin in 3-4 years. A violinist can become a music editor, professional musician, A&R representatives, clinicians for the “Alexander Technique” and coordinator or director of music.

5. Ukulele

This is an extremely easy instrument to play. It consists of nylon strings for beginners, which makes it easier on your fingers. The average cost of a 60 minutes ukulele lesson is $63.  You can comfortably learn to play the ukulele in 3-6 months. This musical instrument has become popular in recent years. Playing ukulele can provide you some of the simple jobs such as a teacher, playing it at small venues or at coffee shops and you can also join a band.    

6. Flute

If you are able to lift your hands and arms for extended periods of time then you are halfway done in learning flute. The cost of a 30 minutes flute lesson varies from $25 to $40. To become truly proficient it takes 3-4 years. Different careers in playing flute are resident artist in flute, flute QC specialist, instrumental instructor for flute, program director etc. 

7. Harmonica

Harmonica is a simpler instrument to learn and carry with you. Most of the people are able to understand its working in just a few hours. The average cost of a 1 hour harmonica lesson is $50. With regular deliberate practice, one can gain mastery in 6-12 months. Harmonica players work as a teacher, give solo onstage performances in music sessions, work in genres of music, etc.

kids playing harmonica

8. Tambourine

Tambourine is one of the easiest instruments to learn to play. Most sounds are produced just by banging or shaking it. One lesson’s average cost is $21 per hour. It doesn’t take more than a few months to achieve perfection. One who plays tambourine can build his career as a teacher or professor, work with a band, work as a private instructor, etc.

9. Recorder

Recorder is easier to play than other wind instruments. The average cost of one hour of lessons is $34. You can learn to play it in 3-6 months. If you want to master it then it takes 1.5-2 years. There are several jobs available for those who play recorder like music school teacher, private instructor, sessions player etc.

10. Guitar

Guitar is the most popular musical instrument among children. Some of its melodies are simple to learn and others require more work. The average cost of a one hour guitar lesson varies from $40 to $60. It takes 5-6 to become an advanced guitarist. Career as a guitarist is a good one. You can become a rock star, cover band guitarist, studio/session guitarist, songwriter, guitar instructor, music journalist etc.


We all know that student life is very busy. But at the same time, schooling is  the right time to develop a skill. If you are highly interested in learning to play a musical instrument then go for it. Believe that you can and surely you will master it.

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