Top 10 Free Online FAX Services To Send or Receive Fax

Fax Machine is one of the most essential gadgets that you are required to keep in your office, even if it is used hardly once or twice a month. Fax Machine works in a quite unique way which can’t be replicated by the printer, scanner or any other devices. It scans a page with images, text or both and sends it to receiver fax machine for printing. There is no interference from any other device or technology in the way.

This method appears advantageous as no one can alter data originally available in the document but it becomes a problem that makes you purchase a costly fax machine even if the modification to the document is not an issue in your business. Many businesses left the use of Fax machines but some clients come who demand fax or want to fax important documents. In this cases, you can neither deny them nor buy a Fax machine just for this.

In such conditions, you can use online fax services. There are many fax services online which let you send or receive fax by the means of internet at very reasonable cost. However, if you’re new to this method then to I am providing Top 10 Free Online Fax Services where you can try sending or receiving fax for free. Check out the best free Fax Services below, learn how they work and see which fits best against your business requirements to send or receive fax.

1. FaxZero – Free Internet Faxing

FaxZero is a free internet faxing service with lets you send fax for free anywhere in U.S. and Canada. It allows you to send fax to all other countries but that is chargeable. With FaxZero, you can send fax to any fax machine without registering anywhere or installing any software. Just visit FaxZero official website, enter required details such as sender & receiver’s name, fax number, company name, etc.  in the provided form, attach the file you want to fax to the form, add the message if you want to and hit the “Send Fax” button provided below.

The Free Fax service of FaxZero allows you to send the document with a maximum of 3 pages + cover and you can send only 5 fax per day. However, if you use paid fax which is just $1.99, you will get the support of sending over 25 pages in the document, priority delivery, and No FaxZero branding.

2. MyFax | Send a Free Fax

MyFax is another free fax service which lets you send free fax for 30 days. You can send an instant fax by just filling the form provided on the homepage to send a fax to US or Canada Fax number, adding your own message and attaching the required files with just a click of a button. However, if you need to send fax regularly, sign up for a free account on MyFax and you’ll be able to send 2 fax in every 24 hours for free. By signing up, you will receive your own personal local or toll-free fax number, you will be able to receive fax and save them in your account.

If you need to send more than 2 faxes, you can subscribe to any of the MyFax paid plans which increase both your fax sending and receiving limits.

3. FaxBurner

FaxBurner is free fax app for iPhone. It takes less than 30 seconds to set up and once done, you’ll be able to send or receive free faxes via FaxBurner app. The app comes with many features along with obvious features to send fax having text message or documents attached. FaxBurner gives you a free fax number, you will be able to sign faxes without printing them, you can save fax for 24 hours. While the free plan allows you to send one fax in 24 hours, with the premium plan, you can send many more and also save the permanently in your app. Create multi-photos fax, get confirmation for your sent fax, easily fax from email, iPhone or iPad.

4. Got Free Fax

GotFreeFax is one of the most popular free online fax service used by US and Canadian businesses. It is very easy to use. Open the website and enter your details in the given form (as it appears in the screenshot below). Enter your name, recipient name, your company, recipient’s company, your fax number, receiver’s fax number, your email address (to get the confirmation email), Subject of fax, text message, attach a single or multiple documents and hit Send to send your fax instantly.

You can send 2 free fax daily and each one of them can contain a maximum of 3 pages. If you need to send more pages or more faxes, you can buy credits available in variable pricing. Choose the one with fits your requirements.

5. eFax – Send Fax in India

If you are from India then eFax offers the best online fax service for you. It offers a 30-days trial which grants you to send free fax all over the globe easily. You can send fax from its website or by the means of eFax mobile apps available for Android or iPhone. Send, receive, sign and store fax for any type of business. Send multiple documents, DOC, PDF, JPEG files and if you need to send/receive more fax or increase file limit then you can always upgrade to PRO plans.

6. FaxBetter

Sending Fax from FaxBetter is as easy as sending emails. Sign up for a free account or subscribe to any of its pro plans to start sending/receiving fax instantly. Upon signup, you will receive a toll-free fax number, your fax will be saved on your account. While, with free account, you can send 20 fax pages monthly, save 1000 pages, don’t add additional pages, with PRO plan available at just $5.96 per month, you can send up to 500 pages/month, buy additional pages credit, save unlimited pages into your account. So, choose the plan which suits your business needs better.

7. Best Free Fax

Best Free Fax allows you to send free fax to anyone with subject, text message and files for free. You can send your fax to any fax number throughout the world without registration to the site. However, if you want to receive fax, you need to obtain fax number and for that, you will be charged $3.29 per month but with that, you will not only get a fax number but also the ability to send more pages, more faxes, authorize multiple email address and store your faxes.

8. PamFax

PamFax is another easy to use online fax service. Available for Windows, Mac OS X and mobile phones PamFax lets you send fax anywhere around the world directly to receiver’s fax machine. You can sign up for free PamFax account which instantly gives you 3 pages credit to send fax. Free account doesn’t have ads, neither your fax will have branding but just that your resources are limited and you can gain more credits and features by subscribing to any of PamFax PRO plans each of which is available at very reasonable cost.

9. Send 2 Fax

Send 2 Fax is online fax service using which you can send fax directly through your web browser without installing any software or app. The service comes with free trial account which grants you a toll-free fax number, and a limited number of fax and pages to send/receive through fax. Try the service and if you’re satisfied, go ahead with purchasing its Home Office Plan which gives you 300 pages credit or Small Business Plan which gives you 500-page credits to send or receive fax.

10. Free Fax in US, Canada

Free Fax in US, Canada is a chrome extension which sits on your browser and facilitates easy fax service. Just add this extension to your chrome and using its special button, you will be able to send Fax in US, Canada or the whole world. Sending fax to the US or Canada is free while if you want to send your fax worldwide, it will be available to you at a small monthly subscription fee.

So, these are currently the most popular free online fax service. Each and every one of these online fax service is compatible with every FAX machine throughout the world. If you have an urgent need to send or receive fax, most of these services are going to help you out and if you find it comfortable, subscribe to its PRO plan because, in that manner, you will have smarter fax service in hand at a cheap cost, without buying an expensive Fax machine.

Try these free online fax service and let us know which among them you find the best.

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