How to Grow an Instagram Account from Zero to 100k Followers

Instagram is currently the most engaging social media platform right now. Not only it is good for its users but for businesses also, the platform offers the best quality of customers who not only view your product but actually go forward to buy it if they find it interesting.

Whether you’re a business or an individual, having a huge follower base on Instagram is rewarding either for customer acquisition or to boost your career as a social media influencer & get brand endorsements/sponsorships. Having a large number of engaging Instagram followers is a MUST.

So, if you have a very small follower-base in your Instagram profile, then the best service you can use to get free Instagram followers is GetInsta. This is an awesome service that lets you cater hundreds to thousands of real Instagram followers within a few days. Not only that, GetInsta offers several other services too that will make your Instagram account reputable and increase its engagement, organic growth & reach.

What is GetInsta?

GetInsta is an essential Instagram growth tool which is available for Web, PC, Android, and iOS platform to help both individuals and businesses to get 100% free Instagram followers. The service allows you to get likes & follow from real Instagram users who will engage with your account and increase its popularity.

GetInsta lets you to both buy and exchange Instagram likes & followers. So, when you have time, you can go ahead to complete tasks such as liking another user’s Instagram photo or following them to earn coins, when you don’t have time, you can simply buy coins. With these coins, you can promote your own Instagram account or post to get real likes and follows.

How to use GetInsta to get Instagram Likes/Follows?

GetInsta offers a very easy-to-use and intuitive interface both for desktop and mobile users. You can get Instagram followers app if you prefer to use it on mobile. Here, I will tell the easy steps by which you can set up your own GetInsta account for free and start gaining real Instagram likes and followers.

Before jumping to that, please make sure that your Instagram account is set “Public” and not “Private”. GetInsta won’t ask for your Instagram account credentials which is actually a good thing but to receive its amazing service, you need to have a Public Instagram account which can be viewed by all Instagram users and not just your followers so that they can give you likes & follows.

Steps to Use GetInsta (on PC)

For Desktop/PC, you can either use GetInsta’s website or its desktop software for a seamless experience, to use any of them, you need to visit its official website: Assuming you want to use its desktop software, then you start using it in these 3 simple steps –

Step 1: Download GetInsta software from its official website. Open the software when installed, it will ask you to create a free GetInsta account. If you haven’t created on its website, you can create one, otherwise log in to your GetInsta account with your email and password.

GetInsta Login

Step 2: Add your Instagram account username. Only this account will be able to receive follows/likes from your GetInsta account. You can add up to 5 Instagram accounts in your GetInsta account.

Add Instagram account to GetInsta

Step 3: The configuration is done, now you can either buy or exchange likes & followers with coins available in your account.

If you want free Instagram followers & likes, go to the Get Coins section from the left sidebar. Here you can like & follow other users to earn free coins.

GetInsta Get More Coins

If you want to quickly buy likes or followers, visit Get Likes or Get Followers and you can check out the likes & followers package to buy from your available coin or money.

Finally, if you’ve already put the task to receive Instagram likes or follow on any of your Instagram accounts, you can check their progress in the Task List section of GetInsta software.

GetInsta Task List

Final Words

GetInsta is an authentic service to receive free Instagram followers and likes. Unlike other similar services that charge too high or deliver fake/bot Instagram followers & likes which might lead to banning of your Instagram account, GetInsta uses verifications to make sure you only receive real Instagram followers and likes, that too for free or at very affordable price.

Moreover, it even limits users to like/follow according to their Instagram account size so that neither their account get into any risk neither those who are receiving likes & follows. So, I strongly recommend you to try GetInsta. I am sure, it will help you boost your Instagram account popularity, reputation, organic reach, and engagement.

Lana Martinez is a freelance technical writer living in the Santa Clara. She's a gadget and tech geek who loves to write how-to articles about a wide range of topics. When she's not writing about technology, Lana loves watching and reading mysteries, cross stitching, and attending musical theatre. She's also an avid Doctor Who fan.