How to Move to Another US State: To-Do List

Living in one place in your life may seem very convenient but in this time of ever-growing development each and every one of us is compelled to move from one place to another in search of better career opportunities as it is the prior reason to move, perhaps there must be some other matters too. 

However, relocating to a new place as well as to a new state is always overwhelming and can be worry-some simultaneously. From packing your own belongings and other essential things to find an affordable way of moving, all these processes can be very tedious if your relocation plans are not done properly. Are you worried now? Just take a deep breath and relax! I am here to ease your problem. I have made a checklist to assist you to relocating to a new place. 

Here are some necessary to-do lists that will ensure your smooth relocation and make you efficient in the moving procedure from one US state to another.

Moving to another state

Visit Your New State and City

As moving from one state to another is mostly related to your career or financial situation, in this case, my recommendation is to visit your new city before your final shipping. By doing this, you would be able to gather unknown information about that new place as well as your surroundings and neighbors. You can know everything about the new location from that particular place’s map, brochures, or from its native residents. 

You can also ask for suggestions about the most suitable area of the city from the custodians of the hotel you stay in. Besides, Google knows everything! Jokes apart, you can also research and look for helpful reviews upon your new state and city on the internet. 

Moreover, if your new state is a valuable tourist attraction, I would recommend you find out the local sights and plan to hang out there in the future after shifting to your new address. 

new home

Complete the Financial Formalities of the Current Rental Home 

You must serve your present landlord an advance notice of leaving the rental property before heading to move forward to a new city. You can deliver a handwritten notice on stamp-paper at the same time while you pay your monthly rent. All those papers should be legally certified. 

Besides, you can also send your landlord the same notice by mail and keep proof that the notice has been received by your landlord. Make sure your bond money for house rent must be returned by your host.

Tenant Security Deposit

Find a Place to Live

It is very tough to find an ideal place to stay while you will move to your new destination. Apart from that, you can not be there to look for a new house, so most of the time you have to depend on guessing about which area would be preferable for you. 

In this situation, I would recommend renting a place for six months first; if you feel good at that place, you can proceed to a long term rental agreement. You can also appoint a reputed realtor who can help you find a safe and budget-friendly place in the neighborhood of your choice

You can search on’s network of realtors to find a renowned realtor. Hiring a knowledgeable real estate agent can be extremely helpful for your house-hunting process. Besides his profit, a good realtor would always help you to end up with all kinds of legalities and paperwork and all other registration formalities. You may also check rental market trends in Philadelphia to see where in the city you can find affordable apartment units.

Make your near ones know about your relocation

“Good friends never say goodbye. They simply say “See you soon”. Get some time from your busy schedule to inform your friends, family, and near ones that you are moving to another state. If possible, arrange a goodbye party and meet your buddies to tell them to keep in touch and plan to visit each other in the future. 

Maybe this attempt will make separation a little bit easier for you and your dear ones. Moreover, you can also inform them by sending emails if it is not possible to meet and send them your new address and other additional details that you want to share with.                 

Research Moving Companies Within Budget

Relocating from one state to another considers a lot of work and simultaneously quite expensive too. The overall cost of moving depends on how many things you are moving and the distance between pickup and drop destination. There are two options for moving your belongings. 

Moving Company

Firstly, you can contact a moving company such as United Van Lines that is reasonably priced for interstate shipment. They will lend you a portable moving container to pack your things in preparation for the move.

The costs depend on the size of the containers and rental duration. These moving companies charge from $1500’to $3000 per month for an out of state shipping.

The later option is to contact a professional Movers and Packers and appoint them to help you in moving. They will give you an estimation of costs according to your goods and distance. Other than these, you can also hire a moving truck and drive yourself with your belongings. These rental trucks can be a bigger money-saver than the former duo. 

For getting truck rentals, you can search on Budget, U-Haul, Pendle, and Enterprise. If it is about shipping a large number of household things, my suggestion is to hire a large freight moving trailer rather than appointing a moving company. Some of the popular freight trailer companies are Estes SureMove, U-Pack, Old Dominion Household services, etc.  

Should Tip a Mover

Moving Worker

Moving is a stressful task for the movers too. Though movers usually don’t ask for tips but are praised if offered. According to a survey, you should give 5-10 percent of the total cost of the move for a smaller move and 15-20 percent for a long-distance larger move.

Come Up With Za Strategic Packing Plan

You should start packing your belongings at least three weeks prior to your shifting date. You need a better plan to box up your things properly. Clean up your present house to get rid of unnecessary things that you won’t take to your new place that can be helpful to find out what should be taken and whatnot. I suggest keeping non-essential items first that you won’t need immediately after moving such as home decors, books, electronics, etc. 

In the end, you can keep your daily needed goods like kitchen items, toiletries, dinnerware, etc. Purge unwanted and leftover items for donation to NGOs like Habitat for Humanity or Goodwill or to a local Salvation Army. Make a list of the things that are in the insurance policy and pack all the essential documents such as health certificates, insurance papers, rent agreements, etc in a separately labeled box. 

Relocation Planning

Planning & Preparation

Moving to a new place requires a lot of effort. Thorough preparation and careful observation are key to a successful move. 

Make a to-do list before planning for moving. This could help you to figure out what works are left to finish before shifting. You must check on things like forwarding important mails, changing your address with the post office, updating your driving license, etc. Purchase moving boxes from Home Depot, Walmart of different sizes. Plan ahead to pick those moving box dimensions which fit better with your items. 

home depot

Tips to Move Fragile And Heavy Items

To avoid damage to your fragile and heavy items, you should implement some proper packing techniques. Here are the following items that can be used for safe shifting of your breakable things:

  1. Pre-divided specific dimensioned boxes for different goods
  2. Bubble wrap
  3. Packing tapes
  4. Towels or rags to cover furniture
  5. Markers to mark things as fragile
  6. Dish and glass Packers
  7. Packing wrappers or newspapers
  8. Plastic furniture covers
  9. Tie-down straps to secure heavier things during the move.

Fragile Items Moving

Schedule and Transfer Your Utilities

Utilities are the most important things to keep in mind while moving to a new place as transferring and rescheduling utilities require some advance planning. Your utilities include water, sewer, gas, electricity, internet, satellite, cable, etc. It is better to notify utility companies about your moving at least one week before your anticipated moving date. If you have already arranged your living place in the new city, you can proceed to schedule a reinstallation date or transfer services to your new address.

Well, that’s all you need to know while planning to move to another state. I hope it helps!

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