10 Best High-paying Jobs Without a Degree Or Experience

A resume enhanced with years of professional experience of working in an elite company is beneficial, but only to those who have it. However, in the market, there are many employers ready to offer well-paid job opportunities to people, even if you don’t have a boasted CV. The only thing you need is the hard working attitude, plus the sense of commitment.

It is not just a regular that you may think it to be. But, it is the one where you will be given paid on-job training to develop your skills, and build a better career for future.

Let’s check out the jobs where you won’t require to have any academic degree or professional experience. Here, you will know all about the top 10 such jobs with variety of scope, earnings, work time, work from home and much more.

Working on Job

High-Paid Jobs Without a Degree Or Work Experience

The jobs are categorized as per the prescribed salary scale:

Salary Range: $80,000 to $95,000

Operators of Nuclear-power Reactor:

Only an academic degree is sufficient to make place in the field works of Nuclear-power reactors. The operators basically have to handle the mechanical and technical areas of the reactors. Doing this much will help them earn about $94,000 annually.

Operators have to operate the reactor equipment and monitor the same by keeping data record. They are even called up during emergencies to manage the issues. So, being core field workers, it is needless to mention that this is a full-time job.

Nearly 2,300 people are employed as operators every few years. Plus, the scope of this job will gradually grow at the rate 10% by 2026.

Nuclear Power Plant Reactor

Power Dispatcher and Distributor:

Power dispatchers and distributors basically handle and ensure smooth power line distribution from main generating stations and substations. This job too requires the same academic criteria of high-school diploma.  Required on-job training will be provided to you for a longer duration.

Coming to salary, your yearly earnings will not be less than $83,000. It is a full time job opportunity as you have to stay present in person to look after the working stations. Scope of this job is pacing up rapidly and will reach the growth rate of 4% by 2026.

Power Dispatcher and Distributor

Commercial pilot:

This is another commercial job where you will only require the high-school degree and can earn about $82,000 per year. Being a commercial pilot, you must have the knowledge to fly aircrafts including commercial jets, private planes, as well as choppers for emergency flights like unscheduled aerial tours.

Besides, make sure to earn an authorized  pilot license once you complete the course from a certified training academy. It has both full time and part time opportunities depending upon your preferences and experience. The scope of this job will increase to 4% by the beginning of 2027.

Commercial Pilot

Salary Range: $60,000 to $80,000

Elevator Installers:

Only an academic diploma is sufficient to get a mediocre job of elevator repair-men and technicians. However, at the beginning,  you will be put through an internship training program.

Though the job position looks medium, these professionals are currently most-sought-after. Their demand is increasing daily, and the scope of this job is expected to reach 12% by the end of 2025. That means, the recruitment capacity of this field will touch nearly 8,000 technicians. Lastly, the annual salary of this job after training will increase to  $79,000.

Elevator Installers

Power-plant Operator:

In this job, you get a long-term on-job apprenticeship before joining the core area.  As you complete the training, and earn the position of a power-plant operator, your yearly salary shoots to $77,000.

The only criteria is a high-school degree. Being a core field job, you can only expect it to be a full-time opportunity. Plus, the growth rate of this job is assumed to rise by 10% percent till 2026.

Power Plant Operator

Transportation Inspector:

Again the same requirement of academic degree is required here. After joining, you get a mid-priced on-job training. The pay scale is around $68,000 to $72,000 annually. Scope of this job is not so prominent. However, both full and part-time opportunities are there in this domain.

Transportation Inspector

Website Developer:

To be a web developer, you won’t necessarily have to take high-end training or something. You can easily learn it online. However, the practical courses help you gather more confidence, and develop skills on that task.

You can do this work from home, or in contractual agreement. Else, you may apply for part-time or full-time as desired. The minimum salary limit of this job is $68,000 annually. It may shoot upto $133,000 or more depending upon your job-time.

Computer-support Technician:

Currently, this is one of the most demanded professions in the market. Consequently,  the growth rate of this job is expected to shoot up rapidly by the upcoming years.

The semi annual salary limit is $63,000. You may wish to earn a professional degree course for this job. However, there is no such strict requirement of a degree for its entry-level.


Salary Range: $45,000 to $60,000

Publicity Or Public Relations assistant:

If you are an expert at writing challenging contents, plus, have good convincing skills, then this job is for you. If you get recognized as an elite candidate, companies will instantly hire, appoint, and train you to their level. The average payout for this job is around $55,000. It has both full-time as well as contractual ( work from home ) opportunity with minimal growth rate and average scope.

Work From Home

Bottom Line

Other well-paid jobs where you don’t need any high professional degree or experience include: insurance-claims inspectors ($64,500), aircraft service operators ($62,000), secretarial executive ($56,500), auto-insurance appraisers ($60,000), pharmacy technician ($30,000), and many more.

Of course, you can try out to be an entrepreneur or run your own business. But, you must be ready to work tirelessly for your level of success depends solely upon you.

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