BEST iPhone Accessories for Photography and Videography

iPhone are themselves amazing mobile phones that provide stunning photos even for amateurs. But, if you really want to up your game or photography and videography and, at the same time, don’t want to buy expensive DSLRs and lenses then there are some very affordable photography and videography accessories you can buy for your iPhone to make the quality of photos and videos coming out of them next level.

So, if you maintain a photography or videography instagram account, are a vlogger or is in constant need of high quality photos then check out these 10 essential iPhone photography & videography accessories which are a must.

1. Mobile Video Rig

This accessory has multiple mounting points around the edge to attach a wide variety of tools such as LED lights, microphones, tripods and external monitors to the iPhone. Cage body is made up of aluminum and it has a clasp to slot the iPhone in and out. Recommended brand is SmallRig. Price is $46.

Mobile Phone Rig

2. Anamorphic Lens

An anamorphic lens is a special type of lens that changes the dimensions of an image in one axis. These lenses are clipped on the iPhone to provide both a wider aspect ratio and distinctive blue-line flares to increase footage quality. These lenses are used to squeeze footage into the shorter and wider format.

Recommended brands are Moment ($150) and Selvim Lens Kit ($33.99). The Selvim lens kit offers 4 lenses. This kit has one 22x telephoto lens, one fisheye lens, one wide-angle lens and a 25x macro lens.

Anamorphic Lens

3. LED Video Light

This USB type C rechargeable LED light is used to create a variety of effects such as simulations of fireworks, flashing red and blue lights of police cars and lighting a flickering fireplace. Both power output and color temperature are adjustable. Recommended brand is Aputure MC. Price is $90.

LED video light

4. Gimbal

A gimbal is a pivoted support that permits rotation of an iPhone about an axis. This accessory is used on the iPhone to offer smooth image stabilization while filming a chase scene by nullifying even the most aggressive movements. Latest gimbals are loaded with built-in extendable selfie sticks not only to shoot YouTube Vlogs but also to create angles. This iPhone accessory is perfect for creating time-lapse videos. Recommended brand is DJI Om 5. Price is $159 to$214.

Gimbal for iPhone

5. Microphone

A microphone is an instrument for converting sound waves into electrical energy vibrations for further amplification, transmission and recording. This accessory is used to record high quality audio for Vlogs and short films. Latest microphones are loaded with a windshield to cancel wind noise while working. Recommended brand is Rode VideoMicro. Price is$55.

External Mic for iPhone

6. Tripod

A tripod is a portable three-legged stand which is used as a platform to support the weight and maintain the stability of the iPhone while clicking photos and shooting videos to avoid blurriness. There are many types of tripod in the market today.

PolarPro Apex ($100) uses both integrated twist-locking balls and tripod legs, Moment MagSafe ($49.99) tripod uses magnetic disc for quickly pop up your phone in place and start shooting, Joby GripTight Gorilla Pod ($29.99) is a tabletop tripod which has bendy legs which can move in any direction to set up on unstable surfaces and ATUMTEK Selfie Stick ($25.99) comes with a built in Bluetooth and performs both as a tripod and selfie stick.

Tripod for iPhone

7. Projector

It is an optical device that is used to project rays of light with a system of lenses for projecting slides or film on to a screen. I will recommend WeWatch Portable Mini Projector because it has Wi-Fi compatibility, 1080p image and video quality, built-in fan to avoid overheating and two built in speakers. All these features make it perfect for synchronizing and showing off your iPhone photos and multimedia. Price is $179.

WeWatch Projector

8. Lanyard

Lanyard is a cord passed round the neck, shoulder or wrist for holding an object such as whistle, knife, smart phones etc. and displaying badges, tickets or ID cards. I will recommend Gear Beast Universal Lanyard to have your iPhone ready at all times. This lanyard has a detachable and adjustable neck strap and convenient card slot. Price is $12.9

Lanyard for iPhone

9. HP Sprocket

It is a portable instant printer that can print up-to 35 photos in a single charge. The sprocket is rechargeable through a Micro USB, connects to your iPhone through Bluetooth, cord, USB, Wi-Fi and requires Zink/HP photo paper to work. This mini printer helps to make time more memorable with on the spot sharable 2×3 inch snapshots or stickers. Weight is 170 grams and depth is 11.7 cm. Price is $79 to $129.

HP Sprocket

10. Camkix Bluetooth Remote

No doubt that the camera’s self-timer is a useful tool to take photos but it also has certain drawbacks such as you have to stay yourself in the shot for a long time. Camkix key-chained and Bluetooth remote control sort out this problem. Press the button to command your iPhone to snap a photo automatically and to shoot long exposures. Price is $6.99.

Bluetooth remote for iPhone

These are the essential iPhone accessories that all photographers and videographers who want to go big with iPhone photography should buy. I haven’t put any link to any brand here so that you can do your own research. My job was just to make you  aware of these awesome gadgets and tell how important they can be for you.

Hope you get some important takeaways from this article.

Disha Verma is a Mass Media student from International School of Business & Media (ISBM). She lives in Maharastra, India and loves to write articles about Internet & Social Media. When she is not writing, you can find her hanging out with friends in the coffee shop downstreet or reading novels in the society park.