Top 5 Most Demanded & Profitable Photography Careers

Is photography your passion, but confused about which genre to pursue as a professional photographer? Well, your problem is quite justified as it is a challenging task to come up with a decision to master in photography as a career option. Photography indeed is more like a passion and has a lesser job-type feeling. Plus, this field has got a wider scope to establish oneself as a renowned pro-grade photographer. This dynamic subject has something for everybody and the types of jobs in photography are simply exciting. 

To make your selection easier and subtler, we have profiled a list of top 5 genres to opt as a career option in photography which has good demand as well as income generation opportunity.


Of course, you may not find all the types from these options as there are only 5 provided in this article, and there are unending career options budding daily. So, it is practically impossible to talk about each specifically.

Rest assured, we have picked some of the most sought options that indirectly relate to a number of other job domains. In the current generation, people snap pictures (as a part of their job), especially while attending an office party or public meeting, press conference, and other publicity. Furthermore, if you consider a medical field, photography directly plays a crucial role in demonstrating the patient’s situation to fellow doctors during operation or while explaining it to the students. Well, there are many other instances.

Now let’s dive into the purpose of the article.

Top 5 Photography Genres to Pursue as a Career

Wedding Photography 

Wedding cum engagement photography is the first type on the list. People, who have the tendency to capture beautiful moments of their life, can’t afford to miss one of the biggest events in one’s life; the wedding. So, they hire a professional photographer at the best price to get the best shots with their better-half. Nowadays, pre-wedding shoots are also prevalent, where the photographer’s job is to bring about a contrasting mixture of portraiture in varied settings in his/her shots. 

For wedding photography, one has to constantly move around the area of the bride-groom to capture the candids much better, at a perfect angle. Well, like any other service or company, photography also includes certain substantial client service components; means the couple reaching out to the photographer has to be adaptable and ready to shoot in the areas and in the ways suggested by the photographer. The entire shooting mode to the ambiance around the couple will be according to the photographer’s settings. 

Wedding Photographer

Lastly, a photographer only becomes the best of their kind of only if they love their job.  Most photographers think that going for the wedding genre would bring them much money. But, keeping such an attitude from the beginning of one’s career may not lead to anything creative or productive in the long run. So, whichever genre you choose, make sure your heart lies in it.

Event Photography

Event photography is a versatile genre. It can be official, personal, crazy concerts, bachelor parties, families, and friends, and whatever else you can think of.  Plus, it is one of the fastest ways to earn a bigger aum with your camera. Here, the photographer’s job is to bring about a concoction of portraiture and photojournalistic documentary work. Sometimes the photo shoot is done for publicity and other public-centric, especially if it is a corporate occasion. Here, a photographer requires a lot of background setups, theme selection, etc. to prepare the day of the shoot. So, it is basically an intricate form of photography, yet interesting.

Event photographs are very popular in stock websites as well. So, you can license your photographs and earn quite enough there just make sure to remove watermarks from photos.

Event Photographer

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography comes under a common type of photography genre as a career option. This type of photography requirements are usually sought by retails customers. Suppose a pregnant woman would ask the photographer to take shots from the first stage of the pregnancy to the arrival of the newborn. High school student photos, corporate portraits for publishing websites or brand products, etc. are the other relevant instances.

Moreover, the budding and professional models always require to keep their portfolios updated for job purposes.  This is where hiring a portrait photographer is the best choice. Lastly, portraitures also have high demand in family gathering shoots and sometimes wedding shoots, fashion gigs, etc. 

Portrait Photography

Product Photography

Product photography relates to product and advertising based shoots. Specializing in this genre can bring a wider valley of job options. Just think of any or all the products you have purchased to date. Anything you shop for is first photographed and then published online and offline based on the brand requirement. Sometimes photos are shot for use in labels and packaging. So, you see this genre has got a wider opportunity to select your area of interest on this line.

Product Photographer

Fine Art Photography

Out of all the types discussed above, fine art photography is the one without rules. Fine art photographers are usually creative ones. This genre finds gradual visible growth in one’s photography career in terms of innovation, ideas, and expertise. 

They mainly exhibit their photos in galleries and other similar art programs, which is framed into a finished product before handing over to the customer. Fine art photography deals with anything or everything around you, on any subject of which the portrait and landscape arts are the most usual ones. Fine art images mainly deal with encasing the emotional feel of the portrait which the observer can relate to oneself. This type of photography requires a great sense of observation, creativity, and passion as the job to bring out a feel from a picture needs years of practice and expertise.

Fine Arts Photography


It’s almost impossible to compile a list of all of the different types of photography that you can earn money from. For your photography career, it can be difficult to choose which path to take. Many photographers try out many paths in their careers until they find the one that suits them best. The most successful photographers work in a niche, something that they specialize in that few others do. The possibilities are endless, and finding your niche is half the fun. So, which kinds of photography would you like to master?

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