Is OIL A Great Asset for Trading & Long Term Investment?

The  financial market is a very peculiar place where every person can find something interesting that resonates with their interests – be it a company’s stock, metal, oil, or be it cryptocurrencies. In the past few decades, we have seen that those who want safe returns invest in stock and those who want to make quick profit try to jump the rollercoaster of cryptocurrencies.

On the one side, stocks are primarily there to provide low risk low returns, the cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins, litecoin, etc. are seen to be traded by those who love high returns and are confident enough to try this high risk asset category.

Neither stocks, nor crypto entice a wise person’s interest because on the one side we have very low returns and on the other side, we have dangerously high risk. So, OIL came out to be the sweet mix of low risk and high rewards. Within just one year, oil price has DOUBLED. And, from the lowest point from Corona Pandemic, the price of OIL is 700% high.


How reliable is Investing in OIL?

If you’ve put just $1000 in OIL when it was at lowest, today, that among would become $7000. If you have even put that amount a year earlier when all the panic settled in the market, even that you would have made a whooping 200% return on your initial investment.

OIL is a very strong financial asset which is bound to just keep on increasing year by year. Also, it is not like any cryptocurrency which is very unstable and hence only lucky ones can make any money. OIL is being traded from the time when stock market wasn’t even a thing and even if not stock market is at it’s full glory, OIL has only shined throughout the decade.

For almost even multi-millionaire investor, OIL is an essential investment because OIL gives energy and world is bound to only increase the demand of OIL as time passes by. You can invest in OIL.

Is OIL Volatile?

OIL is considered to have moderate risk and moderate-to-high reward profile. It is not as boring as those blue-chip stocks which give only single digit returns even after a year where not all years are positive but it is not as volatile and unpredictable as digital currencies or even GOLD, Silver and other metals.

OIL is the perfect tool to put your money on being a modern and aware investor. It is perfectly volatile to give you double digit returns in every 12-24 months time interval. So, you need to time your entry more carefully than stocks but you won’t need to be as precise or accurate as people investing in bitcoins need to  be.

Can Anyone Invest in OIL?

The most popular OIL instruments in financial markets are USOIL and Crude Oil. Even if these are the OIL instruments from US market, that doesn’t mean that you can’t trade them if you are from outside the United States. However, your local broker won’t be able to provide you the option to trade OIL directly from your demat account.

For that, you need to create a special trading account at which are experts in especially OIL trading and provide you wide range of option to trading not only US-listed OIL instruments but also OIL instruments of different countries such as UKOIL, India OIL and much more.


Can Renewable Energy Trend Hurt OIL Performance?

There is a recognizable level of push towards renewable energy and visible protest against OIL by citizens blaming it for environmental effects. But, let’s talk facts, shall we?

In automobiles and transport space, 80% of all vehicles run on oil. No matter what media shows, most of thee world is still too much dependent on OIL that it will take them centuries to shift their energy dependence to some renewable source. So, don’t let these local factors affect you because reality is, OIL is here for centuries and it’s price will keep on increasing year by year until your retirement for the least.


With all these facts in mind, it is safe to say that investing in OIL is a smart way you can diversify your portfolio and make a streamlined passive income. I personally know some traders who trade only OIL and make double digit returns monthly and many investors have dedicated most of their portfolio in OIL and Energy related companies and OIL stocks.

So, don’t wait too much now as you’ve already lost so much profit that could be made. Invest now in OIL so that your future self will thank you!

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM &, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.