Go back to the 80s with these retro games for Android

Gaming’s popularity has gone through the roof in recent years. In part, it is due to the advent of the smartphone age. Almost 90 percent of adults own one today, and games are the most popular type of apps by a significant margin. But it’s not just a case of accessibility. Anyone aged 50 or under grew up playing video games and many of us have continued to do so as a way to relax.  

Anyone lucky enough to have grown up in the pioneering age of gaming that was the 1980s will have fond memories of the games they used to play on their Ataris and Commodores, or perhaps at the local arcade. The good news is nostalgia sells, and many of those games have been revived for your smartphone. Let’s take a look at some of them.

space invaders

The Invaders

Space Invaders was the arcade classic that defined an era. Originally launched in 1978, it already felt slightly retro even in the 80s as all the new 8-bit games started to appear. There have been numerous clones over the years, but this one from RI Productions is one of the most authentic.

The gameplay needs no introduction, but what makes this stand out from a dozen other Space Invaders rip offs is the attention to detail. For example, the invaders move across the screen at just the right speed and there’s the option to play in low-res mode, which makes it seem just like the original.  

Kevin Toms Football Manager

Football Manager is the longest running title in the sports genre. Today, the game is a data rich powerhouse that you can play online with friends across the globe. The original game from 1981 was a far simpler affair, but just as addictive. 40 years later, the original creator, Kevin Toms, has lovingly recreated it for iOS. Sign that year’s big names, such as Glenn Hoddle, Peter Shilton and Alvin Martin and see if you can guide your team to promotion and FA Cup glory.

777 Game


Feeling lucky? If you like to play casino slots, you’ll know that today’s games, with their hundreds of ways to win, five or more reels, scatter symbols and bonus games have little in common with the 3-reel fruit machines from the 1980s. 777 takes you back to that simpler time, when it was just about spinning the reels and hoping for a lucky break. There are special editions like 777 Deluxe and 777 Strike, which incorporates a progressive jackpot, but they all stick to the basic “less is more” ethos.  


The original Frogger was released by Konami in 1981, and was ported to a host of machines in the 1980s. The official Android / iOS app features authentic game physics and a choice of control methods. We all know the rules. Can you guide our froggy friend across the busy highway and then time your jumps from log to log across the river and to safety? Choose the joystick to really transport yourself back to the old days!  

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