How Have Progressive Jackpots Revolutionized The Casino Industry?

When it comes to both online and brick-and-mortar casinos, each venture has been packed full of innovations that have revolutionized the playing experience. One such set of those are progressive jackpots, or in other words, a payout that increases every time the original jackpot figure isn’t won. Here’s how such an idea has brought the playing experience forwards.

The implementation of progressive jackpots is something that has not only occurred within bricks-and-mortar settings but also online settings. This is exemplified by the likes of the Jackpot King slots at Paddy Power that fuses the intriguing ideal of progressive jackpots within the classic casino game of slots. Online slots have taken on a wide variety of flavors over the development of online casinos and their evolution has continued thanks to the inclusion of innovations like progressive jackpots and exciting graphics.

Fundamentally, the way that such jackpots work is based on the principle of taking a certain proportion of each bet placed and adding it to the jackpot, so it rises until someone wins it. The cumulative sum of each bet taken is traditionally referred to as the meter and can be taken from multiple slots at the same time.


The actual origins of progressive jackpots, perhaps rather unsurprisingly, originate within the physical world. They were self-contained within slot machines and the jackpot would essentially be grown individually on each machine.

It is only thanks to someone noosing the idea of having a continuously rising jackpot over the course of entire casinos that has given the rise to even bigger prize pools across different spaces. On that note, it is worth considering how large these jackpots can actually get. A Guinness World Record was set back in October 2015 when Jon Heywood from Crewe in the UK won €17.9m on Mega Moolah. Since then the overall jackpot fund has risen above that and if someone were to win that, they would, in turn, become the new record holder.

Progressive jackpots aren’t necessarily always found in just slot machines and can also extend into more traditional casino games such as blackjack. It is worth noting that a game of progressive blackjack in essence doesn’t differ all too much from a more conventional one. The only real difference comes in the addition of an optional side bet that gives players the chance to win a progressive jackpot. The side bet is able to be won if the player is dealt a certain hand and card combination such as the four different suited aces. Also, the amount won on such side bets can differ in correspondence to the winning card combination.

Jackpots in Casino

Given their ties to classic casino games, it should come as little surprise that progressive jackpots have added a new dimension and aspect to online games. Be it in slots or blackjack, the ability to win a rather high jackpot if things go right is undoubtedly enticing and their inclusion only makes games that little bit more interesting.

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