News About The Promo for Artists on SoundCloud

With over 175 million users, Soundcloud is the go-to music hub that provides some of the best tunes for its listeners. The platform is famous for its audio streaming, distribution services and unique features like offline listening that suit users and musicians promo on SoundCloud

Thanks to its abundance of user-generated playlists and opportunities for uploading your music, SoundCloud has been a source of income for independent artists across the globe.

The music platform plays a huge part in supporting and launching the careers of emerging artists like Post Malone. Through its promos for artists, newest features and programs like “First on SoundCloud,” and the creative space given, the platform acts as a guide to artists seeking to gain fame across the industry. 

Playing and Music Listening

SoundCloud Pro – Enhanced Promotional Features 

The Pro and paid version of the app is specifically designed for artists looking to explore the new features, promos and insights. The cost for many is justifiable since the app provides in-depth analytics. 

This way, artists get to read in more about user listening habits, who are the top listeners, and what kind of music their fan base enjoys the most. 

Promote on SoundCloud – The Greatest Self-Serve Tool 

“Promote on Soundcloud” is one of the features in SoundCloud Pro and has undoubtedly been one of the most effective tools for artists to surface their albums across the globe. By doing so, artists can build a permanent and loyal fan base. 

The promo works in a way that enables artists to select the audience they want to cater to. If the genre of music you produce is hip hop, targeting the age range that fits young adults and millennials would be the most effective. This tool allows artists to choose the fan base they wish to establish depending on one’s budget. Other target options may also include location, gender or device. 

SoundCloud’s Partnership with Adobe, Discord, SquareSpace and Rap Plug – A Guiding Light for Emerging Artists 

This collaboration further extends the benefits enjoyed by members of Soundcloud for Artists. Each of these collaborating industry platforms will provide free app access to Soundcloud’s artists, allowing them to explore wider promotional opportunities and display their talent to millions of music enthusiasts. The following are benefits that each of Soundcloud’s new partners provide:

  • Squarespace – With this tool now being accessible, artists will have better ways to engage with their fans like by utilizing squarespace as a medium to design amazing websites where they can finally sell their merchandise. 
  • Discord – The social platform provides artists with abundant benefits including free access to server booster and the ability to try out its free “Nitro” premium tier and HD video streaming. 
  • Rap Plug– The online platform is specialized with providing knowledge through classes from music industry professionals. Soundcloud artists get to explore over 30 of these courses for free. This is a huge steal because what better way than to learn all about the industry from professionals making music for decades.
  • Adobe – The company provides an adobe premiere pro subscription that artists may use to speed up the audio editing process, as well as other features like Music Remix.
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