Safety Tips To Consider When Using A Standby Generator

Permanently installed standby generators can be extremely useful for keeping your home powered during annoying power outages. As power outages can result from several different situations, such as bad weather, many people have taken advantage of the great benefit of standby generators. While they can be extremely beneficial for automatically kicking in the instant the power goes out, failing to follow certain safety precautions can ultimately result in disaster. It is crucial to contact a suitably qualified professional to assist with installation in an ideal area of your home. is a great platform that can help you opt for a top-rated quality standby generator that will be able to effectively keep your home powered.

Before attempting to install the generator, you should consider these vital safety tips. Even if you have opted for assistance from a professional, it is important to consider all the essential safety precautions for installation and use.

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Selecting A Suitable Generator

In order to ensure that a generator is powerful enough to keep all the items in your home running during power outages, you will need to consider how many lights and appliances will need to be kept running. You should consider the option of only keeping basic appliances and minimal lights powered and compare your options. This will prevent a great deal of disappointment later on.

The Importance Of A Transfer Switch

You will need to make use of a transfer switch when the standby generator is being installed to ensure that using the device does not pose any safety risks. A transfer switch will ensure that energy leaving the generator does not affect utility electrical equipment. This safety feature will prevent power outages from damaging power outlets and devices in your home. It is best to have a qualified professional properly install the transfer switch.

Maintainance Is Vital

While standby generators generally pose far fewer safety concerns in comparison to portable generators, you will need to ensure that regular maintenance of your generator is taken seriously. This will not only decrease safety concerns, but it will also ensure that the generator is always functioning at its maximum capacity. Create a maintenance schedule and make use of an electrical contractor to perform routine checks. In addition to this, keep a log of each call-out that considers the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance routine. Opt for a licensed electrician to evaluate and service the generator rather than attempting to perform the vital task yourself.

Run Generator Routinely

It is not the best idea to leave a generator out of use for long periods of time, as with most mechanical devices. If there has not been a need to use your generator for a long period of time, you should opt to run the generator to prevent issues later on. It is a great idea to schedule regular intervals to start up the device and ensure that it is still functioning as it should be.

Protection From Carbon Monoxide

As most generators run of fossil fuels that can result in emissions of harmful carbon monoxide fumes, you should take care in selecting suitable placing for the installation. It is always best to install a generator in a well-ventilated area to avoid the build-up of dangerous carbon monoxide fumes. You can reduce these concerning risks by installing the generator outside and away from windows rather than indoors and routinely checking that all carbon monoxide detectors are operating as they should be.

Practicing Fuel Safety

Because standby generators run on fuels that are flammable, you will need to consider safe use of the fuel used to prevent risking your own safety. You should store and handle the fuel used in a most safety-conscious manner by using approved containers that have been specifically designed for fuel storage. In addition to this, you should store the containers in an isolated area with restricted access. Additionally, keep a fire extinguisher near the area where you store the generator fuel to be as prepared as possible in the unpleasant event that there is a fire. It is not advised to attempt to store fuel indoors. Furthermore, only make use of fuel that has been recommended by the manufacturer and take care in reading the manufacturer’s instructions for safe usage.

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