The Most Popular and Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

Marketing has evolved in the past several decades. Much of the change has been radical and pushed by new mediums. Increasingly, traditional channels like newspapers and magazines have lost subscribers, and new ways of watching television have reduced the effectiveness of commercials. Digital marketing is continuing to gain more market share as more companies adopt these new mediums for advertising. The reason is not only because they are more effective at targeting specific niches, but also because by using content analytics tools a company can measure and tailor campaigns based on results. Some of the most effective and popular digital marketing techniques are content-driven marketing, social media campaigns, and web-driven campaigns.

Digital Marketing

Content marketing

Businesses that establish themselves as subject matter experts will obtain improved results from those that simply showcase the features and highlights of their products and services. The reason is that countless companies produce similar material, and the World Wide Web is filled with characteristics and product capabilities. To differentiate themselves from the competition, organizations must move beyond the brochure-like informational website of the previous decades. The more information and knowledge that a customer sees, the more likely that the business is seen as an expert in the area. Therefore, the potential customer views purchasing from such a company as an outcome of a consultation that ends with obtaining a solution to a problem. Furthermore, content marketing drives traffic. Search engines like Google value great content, thus ranking such sites higher.

Social media

Unlike advertising in industry magazines, exhibiting in a trade show, or purchasing space for commercials on television or radio, social media is a way to amplify your audience at a much lower cost and with a targeted niche. Before jumping on the bandwagon though, companies should understand who their customer is and what their habits are. Certain demographics have different preferences toward which social media platform to use and their hours of engagement. Also, understand that the bulk of people use social media platforms for customer service-related inquiries. Therefore, both complaints and compliments need to be addressed. Make sure to lead the conversation so that the outcome is positive.

Once engaged, social media is a great way to leverage content marketing and drive traffic to your website. Effective digital marketing strategies differ from traditional in that they can be layered and work in conjunction with other approaches such as content marketing, web campaigns, and mobile marketing. It is not uncommon for a potential customer to visit your Facebook page and check out your website while on their mobile device. Therefore, make sure to build on each so that the information is supplemental. A great strategy is to build fascinating posts, engage, and move those interested to a nicely designed and effective landing page that compels a prospect to share their email and contact information. However, to achieve this, the content must be of value.

SEO-driven campaigns

Do not forget about search engine optimization. The high-value content mentioned in previous steps along with a great Facebook marketing strategy will help your website get noticed. However, without optimizing your page for Google and other search engines, your company is missing on a great opportunity. Therefore, review metadata including page title, description, and keywords and ensure that these align with the information that you are publishing on your website and other places. Perform a keyword audit and understand how potential clients are looking for similar products and services. When ready, look for experts that can take the marketing strategy to another level. Consider using industry experts like Link Graph to handle everything from building a link-building campaign to assisting with content generation. These types of campaigns use expertise and data to produce the best results. Unlike the traditional advertising campaigns of the previous century, the new digital marketing tools are specific, measurable, and adjustable, thus ensuring that your investment sees a return.  

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