Top 8 Best IT Certifications to Get in 2021

Certification adds more value and authority to any skill that you learn; be it for your career and academics, or others. Today, we will be talking about 8 such top IT Certifications for 2021 that might give you better scope in your career.

Here is a list of trending IT Certifications that you may follow:

Web Development Certification

This field is related to creating and maintaining websites. It covers both the frontend as well as the backend, and both of these together constitute the full-stack Web Development. Web Developers generally work in direct or indirect collaboration with the clients. Plus, they often work as a team where both the client and the developer coordinate with each other to produce the end result, bringing it to fruition. In simpler words, the client takes assistance from the Web Developer to get the web product or services.

Web Development


You can work as a front-end developer. They are responsible for everything that you see after visiting a website. This includes UI elements to content designing, all segments of the visible user experience and interaction come under the frontend development. In backend development, the developers deliver everything needed by the front-endis, including the server-side of a service or application. It connects the browser and the database, and is responsible for the updates and functionalities of the website. Lastly, full-stack web developers deal with both the frontend and backend works done single handedly. They are proficient in controlling the website designs and applications, including database and debugging.

Cloud Solutions Architect Certification

It involves everything included in cloud-like servers, networks, and platforms, etc. Cloud architects handle these cloud architectures, keeping themselves aware of the new possibilities of cloud technology adoption. This certification course is the most-sought among the few trending ones today.


Since cloud computing is a constant, never-ending process, it requires an all time assistance of a knowledgeable cum responsible cloud solutions architect. Nowadays the IT industries are including openings for the role of cloud solutions architects as a crucial company profile.

Salesforce Certification

Salesforce is one of the globally trending CRM platforms with about 150,000 companies investing in it from across the globe. This field basically deals in executing critical business operations with its one-stop standalone applications for sales, marketing, as well as customer service. This cloud-based, scalable cum fully-customizable system can manage and store client data, oversee marketing, generate data insights, and sales campaigns, thereby aiding customers interactions in every aspect.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot


Testing stability and functionality of apps, developing personalized solutions for each client, designing, developing, and implementing  Salesforce solutions followed by troubleshooting and debugging, etc., are some of the many scopes you get after Salesforce certification.

Big Data Certification

As the name suggests, Big Data is all about the dealings with datasets which are too huge to be surveyed and extracted through traditional methods. Data is everywhere; starting from meters, industrial equipment, smart devices, sensors, and the Internet, etc. Big Data is related to transforming data into anything more significant and usable for a company/organization, thereby normalizing the company operations.

big data


Data solution development, testing, and maintenance, evaluation, etc. are some of the career scopes for the big data engineers. They design and build high-performance algorithms cum scalable distributed systems in big data solutions.

Digital Marketing Certification

Digital marketing has become a necessary aspect of the IT industry. The professionals are in high demand and are highly responsible for ensuring that the business and its services are well marketed.

Digital Marketing


A few of the responsibilities that you will have as a Digital Marketing expert are:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Web Analytics, Email Marketing, Data Analysis, Content Marketing, and Mobile Advertising, are some of the crucial responsibilities that the digital marketing experts deal in.

Cybersecurity Certification

Working on a system or network has its own setbacks and vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity, as the name suggests, deals in maintaining the security and integrity of an individual’s/organization’s data provided that its network infrastructures are well protected cum preserved at all times. So, it is quite obvious that the need for cybersecurity will always be there and so it has a vast scope for the cybersecurity professionals, making it one of the top certifications to pursue in 2021.

Cybersecurity Certification


A cybersecurity professional deals in the responsibilities of managing user access controls, safely preventing the malicious attacks via endpoint probe and other preventive tools, monitoring instability in networks and applications, applying patch management network for automatic app upgradation, management systems to cope with vulnerability across all data assets, regular auditing ensuring that the security practices are properly compiled and followed.

RPA Certification

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology is utilized to carry out the business operations via bots and artificial intelligence. RPA decreases efforts and helps in the repetitive operations that are needed to be performed  regularly. However, the good thing about RPA technology is its non-intrusive nature and that it doesn’t affect the underlying system operations. RPA is capable of performing human-like tasks, including data copy-pasting, connecting to APIs, moving folders, data extraction, filling out forms, performing calculations, etc.

Robotic Process Automation RPA Certification


Deploying development tools and bots, analyzing automation quality, writing process documentation, designing, building cum testing the automation workflow, are some of the roles and responsibilities of an RPA professional.

AI Certification

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the key to learning and hence, increasing machine efficiency, multitasking, and sorting out real-time issues in an error-free manner. Therefore, artificial intelligence is being globally across multinational organizations to optimize industrial operations and productivity. Deep Learning and Machine Learning are the two  trades of AI.

Artificial Intelligence


As AI technology is related to building a combination of software and machines which as a whole exhibit human-like behavior, your work will deal in learning, planning, and reasoning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), knowledge representation, object manipulation capabilities, deductions, etc.,

That’s not the end here. Currently, there has been a high demand and trend on pursuing data science certification, DevOps certification, and the list goes on. But here is a short piece of advice; before deciding any field to pursue your certification, make sure to be thorough with its career scope and whether or not it has got any growth opportunity and learning.

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