Top Green Construction & Sustainable Housing Companies in UK

Green construction, which is also known as green building or sustainable construction is a very much popular process of making eco-friendly building erection. The prior motto kind of construction structure is to maximize the use of the natural resources and to minimize the exhalation of the wastage from construction works. This procedure includes recycling the natural wastage and to use those again for the building’s future requirements. In short, green construction encourages to use of the Earth’s limited natural resources in a sustainable manner and also acts responsibly towards the environment. It is also very much in trend in the different cities of the UK. Realizing the benefits of the green building plan, other countries from all over the globe are getting interested in sustainable housing planning.

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A successful sustainable construction application takes place when the architects, the contractors, the civil engineers, and all the other clients that perform the different projects become accountable and focused on the main purpose of the same. According to the green building plan the structure works must be classically designed. The application of economic resources should be utilized to the fullest in the future. The buildings also should be durable and comfortable enough for the users.

Therefore, keeping the importance of green construction and sustainable building planning in mind, in this article we will try to brief the reasons why the stated construction planning is trending in the UK and also why to encourage its wide adoption.

Let’s take a look at certain points to promote green construction & sustainable housing in the UK:

Environmental Benefits

Green construction is not only a mere building planning but also a promise to future generations to keep the environment livable as everything is getting so artificial because of the continuous reduction of natural resources. So the concept of the green building promotes the idea of using natural resources efficiently in a sustainable way. Green construction is the perfect combination of high-performance building planning with sustainable design and also preserving precious resources. According to Green Built Alliance, profits of adopting green construction are:

  • Reduces using natural raw materials by prioritizing recyclable materials 
  • Purifies air and water and also enhance their qualities
  • Protects and improves biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Decreases Waste streams 

Cost Reduction

As per statistical analysis, green construction annually reduces more than 40% use of natural resources in building constructions that is near about 3 billion ton preservation of precious resources per annum. In that case, green construction is very much cost-effective too. Green construction uses high effective techniques to improve the sustainability of the building and also reduce the maintenance cost in the future. Here are some economical benefits of the green building given below:

  • Improves the customer productivity
  • Decreases the operating costs
  • Increases property valuation and profits
  • Upgrades the economical performance of the complete life-cycle

UK eco village

Social importance of green construction

Green building is equally strong, healthy, and safe for every social inhabitant. This particular application improves the user’s lifestyle, enhances health and wellness. Because of the greenery preservation in the residual buildings, the indoor air quality improves. This process improvises the occupant’s art of living and also reduces the strain of local utility infrastructure.

Different green building certification programs

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environment

LEED is a construction rating system that measures the professional and institutional buildings’ green construction systems. This program helps to measure the standard of green construction.

Green Built Homes Certification Program

Green built home certification program is a measurement system that rates the residential buildings’ green construction application. This measurement is authorized by the Green Built Alliance.

Green Gauge with Home Energy Score

GGHES is an advanced process, better to say a tool to analyze homes and also to help the consumers to make their residuals healthier for themselves. It also leads to saving the owners’ money and gives solutions on how to reduce utilizing excessive natural resources. To identify how much ‘green’ the home is, Green Gauge determines a variety of criteria like walkable sites, building materials sustainability, ecology of the landscape, indoor air quality, water and energy usage, etc. After an overall scientific assessment of the characteristics of the home’s entire resource consumption, it is being rated on a scale of 1 to 10 as per the home’s green construction efficiency.

There are several green architecture companies in the UK to make the building structure more sustainable and efficient. Here is the brief description of some of the companies’ given below:

Chip(s) Board

Chips is an innovative biomaterial company that changes the food wastes like potato peels to coffee grounds into bio-disposable components. The growing demand for the company’s activity is increasing day by day and not only food wastes they are also trying to replace the toxic plastic material with useful alternatives.


Bulb promotes emerging renewable energy sources from wind, solar and hydropower sources. It helps reduce global carbon emissions and build wind farms and protect the rainforest. This company serves more than 1.4 million homes per annum with affordable and renewable energy.


Pavegen is considered to be a bridge between people and new lives in smart cities. They encourage people to step towards a more sustainable future simply by walking. They convert footsteps into electricity and apply that energy for data analysis, lighting, environmental monitoring, etc.


Limejump is the leading company that connects renewable energy generators to the trading market by using data science and artificial intelligence. This is known as the largest company that has owned rewards for innovative solutions and the largest centrally controlled battery portfolio. 

Delphis Eco

Delphis Eco is a British company that makes a range of cleaning products which includes everything related to cleaning from toilet cleaner to gentle hand wash. Besides the sustainable products, they also made the product wrappers also by 100% recyclable plastic material.

Green Construction Sustainable Housing UK

Library of things

Library of things encourages you to borrow things instead of buying them. They offer to borrow every single regular basis useful things from iron to sewing machines etc. More than 60% of users of the Library of things in present days are used to recycle and repair the items instead of replacing them.

Though there are numerous other companies to mention we have tried to cover the best of the best for you. Hope it helps!

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