TorrentRoom Proxy – List of 20 TorrentRoom Torrent Mirror Sites & Proxies

TorrentRoom is one of my favorite torrent sites which I frequently use to download great content for free. It’s sleek interface make it quite easy for everyone to get the desired torrent very easily. Moreover, every torrent in the website is verified by TorrentRoom staff, users comment on torrent regarding its speed, authenticity, etc. to make it easier for everyone to download movies, TV shows, music, premium software, premium games, ebooks etc. for free.

However, these types of sites promote piracy so lots of ISP and country ban them from their internet connection. the reason due to which you are here must be the same that you’re having problem accessing TorrentRoom from its main domain and you’re looking for alternative ways to access your favorite torrent website – TorrentRoom.

If you can adjust with other popular torrent websites then I will recommend you to check out our list of best torrent sites where we have showcased top 10 torrent websites with the highest number of verified torrents. But, if you are too stubborn and want to use only TorrentRoom to download your torrents then some tricky ways are to use proxy servers or VPN apps to access any blocked website anywhere.

But, using proxy websites or VPN servers can be tricky sometimes when you’re on your phone or you are browsing in the slow internet. However, there is an easy way to browse TorrentRoom without any third-party service and that is by the use of TorrentRoom Proxies and Mirror Sites. TorrentRoom Mirror/Proxy websites are the replica of the original TorrentRoom website maintained by TorrentRoom staff, internet communities and some big webmasters/uploaders which provide alternative domains to access the same website.

I am providing a list of best 25 TorrentRoom proxies and mirror sites which are well-maintained & very frequently updated with the original TorrentRoom site. These sites maintain original TorrentRoom files, content, index and interface so use them where you have a problem in accessing the main TorrentRoom website.

TorrentProject Proxy/Mirror


Speed Fast
Access TorrentRoomONLINEVery Fast
TorrentRoom Proxy MirrorONLINENormal Fast
Proxy for TorrentRoomONLINEVery Fast
TorrentRoom UnblockedONLINENormal
Unblock TorrentRoom ProxyONLINEFast
TorrentRoom AlternativesONLINEFast
TorrentRoom Mirror SiteONLINESlow
TorrentRoom US ProxyONLINEVery Fast
TorrentRoom UK ProxyONLINESlow
Unblock TorrentRoomONLINEVery Fast
TorrentRoom ProxyONLINESlow

Bookmark this list of TorrentRoom mirror sites so that whenever you are in need to find alternative ways to access TorrentRoom sites, you can consider TorrentRoom proxy/mirror websites. If you want to know other amazing torrent websites and mirrors, navigate through the links below.

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