Access Blocked Sites with These 4 Easy Methods – Unblock Any Blocked Website

So, you’ve got fast internet connection in your university but can’t download movies because torrent sites are blocked? Neither you are able to visit Facebook nor can you visit entertainment sites like Reddit, 9Gag, etc? Then, what’s the benefit or having internet when it’s not available for our entertainment purpose? Because we rarely use internet for academic purpose, right?

In college, university, schools, workplaces responsible authorities provide free WiFi or Internet facility and the internet speed is quite good but they usually block torrent, gaming, adult websites, social networks, etc. If you try to visit such sites, they don’t open or web filter violation warning message appears that the website is blocked.

It sucks because whenever we want to utilize our spare time in these places to download our favorite game, movie or browse Facebook, Instagram to connect with our friends online, the doesn’t open because the ISP has blocked it. Not only this, many country’s government has also blocked many useful websites including music/mp3, torrent, online movie watching, software downloading, file sharing websites.

Many sites have blocked their access in certain countries and some important sites provide their access to certain only regions for example:, one of the largest movie-on-demand service is available for USA only.

So, internet is available to you but it is limited. 

It’s not fair to put limits on something which is especially designed to break boundaries to exchange data & information but yeah, how much you feel bad about it, you can’t go and fight these authority to unblock certain sites but what you can do is to find a workaround to access blocked sites.

There are some cool tricks to unblock blocked websites which I am telling you through this article. Learn them and no matter whatever sites government, college or your ISP blocks, you will always be able to browse desired site inside their restricted internet.

Before moving ahead to straightly start telling you the methods below, let me put quick links to the sections below so that you can directly jump to the method which you didn’t try till now:

Each and every method I am showing you here are free and quick solution to access blocked websites. Pickup the once you find comfortable to you but we recommend you to read every methods we have provided as you never know when you need a different workaround to access block content in internet.

Access Blocked Sites using Proxy Servers

Proxy sites are fastest way to access blocked websites in your region. These sites hide your IP address and show their Proxy IP as your IP Address to fake your location, provide you access to blocked webpages, videos & services in your area.

Sites like,, Hide.Me, etc. are some of the great websites to visit a webpage using proxy. These proxy sites offers you to choose proxy IP address according to country, provide you options to allow/block cookies, scripts & objects, etc. in the targeted webpage to provide full anonymity.

Visit any of these proxy websites, enter target URL in search box provided in front, choose location & options and the website will be open through proxy IP in your browser.

This method can be used to access blocked sites both in smartphone and desktop.

Access Blocked Sites using VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is much secure and anonymous way to browse internet, access blocked websites & content at blazing fast speed. VPN offers every feature that even the most secure proxy site has to offer but it implement some additional security & features to facilitate fully anonymity in your web browsing session without slowing down your browsing speed.

VPN Encryption

If you need to access those blocked sites where you need to perform confidential tasks like login to your web account, adding confidential details, etc. I recommend you to use VPN (and not Proxy) for this purpose.

If you’re on Android, you can check out these top 10 free vpn apps for Android. For desktop users, if you want to use VPN in your desktop, you need to install VPN software or browser extension in your Web Browser.

VPN software and apps add encryption to your whole device. Every internet connection is then made through VPN IP Address so, you will have fully anonymity, security and fake IP address for all the network connection made by your device. Hence, VPN helps in unblocking those sites, services, apps and built-in app features which are even being access through different software or apps like Torrent software, Downloaders, etc.

Access Blocked Sites using Google

If you don’t have time to install any VPN software/app IN your system and you can’t use even proxy websites too (may be due to security reasons or even proxy sites are blocked by your ISP too) then you can use google as proxy. Obviously, Google shouldn’t be blocked by your ISP. So yes, you can use this method to access blocked sites.

There are three Google services which can be used as the proxy too:

Use Google Translate as Proxy

Google translate is an awesome tool to translate text from one language to another. In google Translator, there are two box for input and output. Enter webpage URL in input and select language (other than english here). At output, select “English” language, Google translate will create hyperlink of the URL which when you click, will open up inside Google Translate, using Google like a proxy site.

Use Google Translate as Proxy

Or, you can directly use this URL to open any link using Google translate as proxy:

Replace  in the above URL with your desired URL, paste it in address bar and visit the webpage. Blocked webpage will appear by using Google server as its proxy.

Use Google Mobilizer as Proxy

If you remember, Google mobilizer was the tool used by google to load webpages in light version for mobile phones with slow internet connection. This service is now discontinued through (main Google site) but it is still available in country-specific Google domains like,, google. ie, etc. So, if you use Google mobilizer as proxy to open target URL, it will not only open but also load in fast & light-weighted mobile-friendly version.

Use the follow syntax to enter open your target link using Google mobilizer:

Replace in above URL with your link and paste the whole URL in any web browser’s address bar. It will open up in light-weighted Google mobilizer format.

Load webpage from the past

If you are not able to open webpage using any of the methods we have provided above to unblock blocked website, then there is a high chance that the URL either changed of the target webpage/website has been deleted. So, if you can’t retrieve a live version of the  target website/link what you can do is to recall it from the past.

wayback machine

There are two ways to visit deleted webpages:

  1. Using Google Cache – just add cache: before the URL in address bar of browser, cached version of link will be loaded which was retrieved by Google crawlers earlier when the page existed.
  2. Using Internet Archive:WayBack Machine – The service existed with the aim to provide access to deleted webpages & websites which existed even decades earlier. So, visit the site using this link and type/paste your target URL in provided box. Wayback machine will automatically show all the versions of link it has stored earlier. You can even visit the version from months or years ago to see what was different in your target link at that time.

If you are still not able to access blocked website, please comment below.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM &, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.