Cool Websites [2018]: 100 Best Fun & Useful Websites

I like to stay busy, either doing work or doing something else I love like playing games, watching movies, etc. Wasting time doing just nothing is the most annoying thing but situation arrives which doesn’t allow you to do what you love and you are left with the time & boredom!

However, if you’ve got an internet connection working on your smartphone or system, there are lots of ways you can kill your boredom. You can utilize this spare time better to browse cool websites, reading & watching cool stuff and playing interactive games which will take very little time.

In my last post, I’ve shown a list of Top 25 cool websites which is liked very much by our visitors and they were demanding more sites. So, in this post, I am providing a HUGE list of Top 100 cool websites of 2018 which you can browse to refresh your mind and do cool stuff in your spare time.


Website Name


1.Draw a StickmanDraw a stickman and then take it to adventure! Help him throughout the adventure to save him and complete the mission.
2.Open PuppiesEverytime you hit your Spacebar, a new Puppy video will play in full screen. It is a heaven for pet lovers!
3.100,000 StarsExplore the nearest 100,000 Stars through your computer screen using this website. You can zoom in, zoom out, rotate and move. Amazing, isn't it?
4.Geo GuesserExplore the world with Google Street View and guess the location. Check how correct is your guess!
5.The Faces of FacebookFacebook has millions of faces as DP, the site allows you to view all of them in single webpage. Let's see if you can locate yours here!
6.Sort By DislikesFind YouTube's most disliked videos for any keyword. Enjoy watching controversial videos if you want to!
7.BioBotFor all those times when you're feeling lonely, this BioBot is here to talk to you like a real human! Try it!
8.CamelCamelCamelFor any Amazon product, check how its price changed over the year and decide best time to buy it
9.PatatapFor each key, there is sond & animation. Now, imagine hammering a whole sentence from your keyboard! Oddly Satisfying
10.Future LearnFree Online Courses in Business & Management, Literature, Law, History, Tech, Programming, Science, Language and more!
11.Will you press the button?Funny quiz site and hence a great time killer, the site ask you tricky choices for which if you press the button or not
12.BuzzFeedHighly addictive site among youths which offers listicles, and articles containing funny photoshopped pictures and GIFS which are humorous and a good time waster.
13.SpreederHone your reading skill. Make your reading from 3 to 7 times faster using the innovative tool provided by this site
14.OMFG Dogs!Hypnotizing site for dog lovers! I don't explain, just go and visit the site first then tell me how you feel.
15.9GAGI have myself wasted hours on this site. An amazing website for memes, GIF, videos, and more!
16.HomeDSGNIdeas for your dream home! View pics, maps, interior designs of best houses, apartments, resorts, around the world
17.MiniclipIf you are in a mood to play some cool games without installing than Miniclip is best online gaming site for you. For every age, mood or taste, there are games
18.Shut Up and Take My MoneyIf you know this meme, you already know the site is full of such amazing gadgets which you want to buy right away!
19.Free Dating SitesInteracting with people, chat, flirt with them is a good time killer too. Use these 50 best free online dating sites for the purpose
20.Little AlchemyIt is a creative game that will also increase your knowlege about elements. Combine elements to form new element. Combine new elements to make even more elements.
21.GizoogleIt is a funny website which converts any normal english sentence into gangsta language! Have fun reading them!
22.Have I been PwnedIt is an important site which will tell you if your email address or username has been hacked or breached. Must check out!
23.IMDBIt is the largest movie database on the internet with details about Movies, TV Shows, Celebs and more! Read plot, review, watch trailers or buy movies.
24.Feed The HeadIt's a strange big head with a lot of interactive components. The game is so weird, you won't be able to stop clicking.
25.Wearable GadgetsKnow about latest new wearable gadgets coming to market. Learn about Tech for your connected self
26.LiveLeakLiveLeak showcase such interesting videos, footages, etc. that you'll not find anywhere else because here, public themselves their their livecam, cam footages.
27.Lonley TweetsLonely Tweets explores what it means to be hyper-connected...yet still lonely :'(
28.FurutismLove knowing about future technologies, innovations, plans & gadgets? This website is one-stop portal to know everything futuristic!
29.Download Free SongsLove music? Explore these 50 free Mp3 sites to download your favorite songs, albums for free in 64, 128, 192, 256 kbps.
30.Poets.orgLove poems? Want to some incredible poems from legendary poets? Then visit this site and read a new amazing poem daily
31.Free eBook Torrent SitesLove reading eBooks but don't want to spend money? Grab all kind of ebooks for free from these 70 free eBook Torrenting sites.
32.The Wiki GameMany cool games based on Wikipedia. In general, your task is to reach a destination with minimum clicks.
33.Smarty PinsTest your general knowledge. It is a Google Maps Trivia game and you need to guess location through puzzle.
34.IFTTT (If This Than That)The site allows you to connect apps and internet services and hence automate a lot of things for you easily. Want your Facebook post to automatically get saved in Dropbox? Want your LED to blink when Uber arrives?
35.Thought EconomicsThe site features Interview with the world's leading thinkers which will let you know a lot about them and this world.
36.Chrome ExperimentsThe site features lots of cool experiments be it be graphic illustration, visualization, game or web app. All in all, very interesting & innovative stuff.
37.Awkward Family PhotosThe site is collection of awkward family photos that were taken accidentally or intentionally but make you laugh or say WTF!
38.Bored PandaThe website deals with everything funny in the world of internet. The site mainly focuses on photo heavy listicle contents. The articles are really fun to read.
39.This is Why I'm BrokeThe website features highly tempting yet useless products that you'll want to buy. It will either make you broken or teach you how to control your temptations.
40.Do Nothing for 2 MinsThe website is great tool to relax. It asks you to do nothing for 2 minutes. It starts timer and plays beautiful background music in the background to calm you.
41.Unplug The TVThe website is really simple. It has only one page showing one video at a time which is interesting, innovative and provide good knowledge. Visit the site & you'll always find video much interesting than your TV.
42.LINE 3DThis 3D line game will hipnotize you so bad that you'll come out of it after half an hour thinking you only spent 15 mins here!
43.Open CultureThis site deals with different cultures around the world and how they evolved and morphed into what we see today!
44.Attack of the CuteThis website is sort of a collection of the cutest animal photos out there and we bet you will be overwhelmed by how much cuteness can be found on this website.
45.TickldTickld is your go-to spot for anything humorous and funny, for anything that’s really cool and interesting, or stuff that’s just plain WTF. Highly addictive!
46.Lightbox by TIMETIME's handpicked best photographies throughout the years of its existence and earlier!
47.Find The Invisible CowTrust your ears to find the invisible cow in the screen. Shouting increase as you reach near cow. Bizzare Addicting!
48.Child's OwnTurn your kid's childhood drawing into stuffed animals. Make a perfect birthday present for him.
49.Music MapType any musician's name and it will give you a map of other artists you might like. The closer the names, the more alike the artist is. Find new music that you'll like easily.
50.PostSecretVisitors here share their real secrets in anonymous postcards which can be funny, stupid and gross at some times.
51.The Useless WebWant to know how much useless a thing can be? Well, use this site. It will open useless site, apps, products that are so stupid to exist.
52.Top 100 Porn SitesWant to watch adult, XXX movies in your spare time? Well, use this list to browse Top 100 free & safe porn sites
53.Top 100 NSFW SubredditsWant to watch some sexy, hot stuff but not porn in your free time? Browse these NSFW Subreddits for the best alternative
54.Creepy GirlWell, this one's less for you, and more for your friend who gets scared easily. Here's a creepy girl to keep you company on your lonely nights!
55.NapFlixWhen you need to entertain, you visit NetFlix but when you want to sleep, head on to NapFlix it has some of the calmest videos which will help you sleep quickly
56.WikiLeaksWikiLeaks is an international non-profit organisation that publishes secret information, news leaks, and classified media provided by anonymous sources.
57.QuoraYahoo Answers are not very helpful when you search for a question or ask one but on the other hand, Quora has a much high quality community. So, explore the site to find comprehensive answers of your confusing topics.
58.Bought it OnceYour common household items don't need to replace every few year! Replace them once from the durable items listed here and you're done.
59.125+ Cool Sites125+ New Sites to explore amazing things and kill boredom.
60.Neave InteractiveA cool site containing lots of interactive games & apps which will keep you amazed for hours. Must Check!
61.Dude, I Want ThatA Geek's Gift guides of Gadgets, Gear and Novelities. Any of your geek friend's birthday coming? You can find perfect gift for him here
62.AkinatorA genius Artificial Intelligence which knows everything! No, seriously! Think any character and the site will guess it
63.Fat Lady & ApplesA stupid yet highly addicting site. Help this fat lady to grab the apple and eat them. Simple yet relaxing!
64.Hacker TyperAct like a hacker! Type anything gibberish and it comes up as code in black/green color, like any hacker movie.
65.Drinking Game ZoneAdd challenge to your drinking session. Make it more fun by picking any challenge from this website. The site has a comprehensive list of every one known to mankind.
66.Magic PenAn addicting game based on geometry. You have to push a red ball across the screen using the shapes you draw. Yes, you can erase some of them to make your way too.
67.OddeeAre you been attracted to weird or odd things? Then this site is heaven for you it shares bizzare things daily.
68.TEDAt TED, people from all around the world share their amazing ideas, experiences and knowledge through short speaking gigs. Must check!
69.Uncontacted TribesBeautiful collection of videos, pictures, and even stories of ‘uncontacted tribes’ which still exist, scattered all over the world. View the way of life of humans who have been untouched by technology, electronics, and other modern facets of life.
70.Addicted 2 SuccessMotivational quotes, articles on entrepreneurship, self-development, and an all-round focus on success on getting things done!
71.NOIYS - Post,
Read & Forget
NOIYS is a place to post an anonymous note to be viewed by many people, only to be deleted within 24 hours. Perfect website to speak anything without worrying about consequences!
72.RadioooooPick a country on map, choose a time, and the site will play the popular song at that time in the selected country. Browse music across time & space
73.YouTube Time MachinePick a year and watch every available clip from that year on YouTube. Nostalgia alert!
74.Scribble MapsPut your own text, images and scribbles over maps. Perfect for when you’re planning a trip or if you need to put in some notes and share them with people you’re travelling with.
75.Level Up LifePut your real life goals (big or small) here, and you'll earn points based on their successful completion. Best to motivate yourself!
76.Letters of NoteRead historical letters written by celebrities, poets, writers, politicians, scientists, and more. This gem website make you lose yourself in those letters.
77.WikiHowRead How-to guide just about anything! WikiHow showcase tutorials with proper images, screenshots, graphics and videos to make it more easy to understand.
78.Order of ManRead the articles, follow the tips, grow a thinking and become a man that you ever wanted to be using this website
79.What Should I Read NextRecommendations based on the books you love reading. Find similar books based on the books you've already read.
80.RedditReddit is a social news site. Simply subscribe to the topic of your interest, join discussion with its community member, learn & grow!
81.F*cking HomeSet it as your homepage and you'll be represented by something new every day, be it be random trivia, interesting book, beautiful pictures, random facts, etc.
82. DrenchSimple yet highly addicting game. You're provided a color grid with many colors, tap color buttons until only one color is left. Can be challenging at first 😉
83.StumbleuponStumbleUpon is the easiest way to discover new and interesting web pages, photos and videos across the Web. Discover and rate Web pages, photos and videos that are personalized according to your taste.
84.River StyxTake visual crash course of Greek mythology and philosophy with this highly interactive website where Greek Gods themselves tell you their stories.
85.Don't Even ReplyTaking sarcasm to a new level, the site owner replies to every listing on Craigslist and share the email exchange on the site which is very hilarious.
86.Top 100 WebcomicsBest 100 web comics on every categories. Pick the one that matches your taste and follow it throughout it's journey
87.I Can Has - CheesburgerBest collection of funny pictures, memes & comics around the world. More subcategories like FAILS, WINS, Cute GIFs will make you love the site even more.
88.Two FoodsCan’t decide what to have for lunch? Put your two options in here and it will directly compare their health attributes on different levels.
89.A Good Movie to WatchCan't decide a movie? Use this site to watch movies according to your mood or randomly great movies
90.The Worst Things for SaleCheck out the worst, stupid and senseless things to ever go for sale on Amazon. Yes, you can actually purchase them if you want to!
91.Slither.ioControl cute snakes with your mouse cursor, eat food but don't run over other players. Make your snake longer
92.CooThingsCoolThings is a collection of cool things. From entertainment, to gadgets, to even toys and inventions, there is bound to be something here that will interest you.
93.A Soft MurmurCreate beautiful background noise using elements like Rain, Thunder, Storm, Fire, Wind, Waves, etc.
94.AudioTool ToneMatrixCreate beautiful music with piano nodes and drums easily by tapping blocks in the provided grid. You'll wonder how come you can create such amazing melodies
95.Weave SilkCreative kids enjoy it a lot. Drag your mouse and create incredible design with symmetrical weave silk threads.
96.PrivNoteDo you want to send private message to someone that will self destruct after reading? Well then this site is just for you!
97.Dessert for TwoDon't click this, if you're hungry!
98.Free Download MoviesDownload free movies from these top free movies downloading websites in full HD and enjoy watching them free.
99.50 Best Torrent SitesDownload latest movies, TV shows, PC Games for free from these top 50 best torrent sites.
100.Download Free PC GamesDownload Premium PC Games for free with all DLC in small sizes, repacks, with keys/license and more from these websites.

I hope you liked this list of Top 100 cool websites for 2018. Browse them to learn a lot of amazing stuff. Bookmark your favorite sites and have fun browsing them in your free time. If you’re looking for much compressed list then you should definitely check out our list of Top 25 cool websites which are most interesting sites that we’ve hand-picked from this list of cool websites.

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