What Are The 3 Best Ideas To Grab Attention In Elearning?

Whilst there are some great examples of e-learning businesses striking a chord to attract the attention of their audience using various elements or by updating their course design yet the best-designed courses become predictable at some point. And, this issue has become prominent all across. Are you also facing the same thing? Do you find it hard to grab eyeballs now despite working strenuously on your eLearning course? Well, if you’re on the same page it’s high time you brainstorm new ideas, incorporate the latest trends and further market your eLearning course. For your advantage, we have already carried out the required research and present to you the 3 best ideas which have been successful in accomplishing the desired marketing goal. Read on to find out!

Trick Banners

There’s nothing that disrupts the users’ learning experience like a system warning than a trick banner. Going by their name, these are banner ads often imitating an operating system message which attempts to trick people into clicking.

trick banner

Clicking on it obviously takes the users to the advertiser’s website and is ideal for increasing the click-through rates of a web page. However, the quality of the clicks may somewhat be suspecting as visitors are likely to hit the back button once they realize what exactly happened. Moreover, users might find them intrusive and shall not be satisfied with the experience.

Popup Banners

 Elearning companies should use popup banners as these are the most preferred choice of marketers today to grab the users’ attention. All you need to do is design your banner in one of the most engaging and attractive ways and include content which compels users to take the desired action. While course banners are something not most users are familiar with, these are a sure short way of capturing them. Moreover, higher click through rates is guaranteed for early adopters!

For instance, the user is engrossed in a course while out of nowhere a popup banner loads offering more knowledge on it and shedding light on what the learners might be missing.


Videos are a keeper, for sure! The trend of adding videos to your elearning courses is not unknown and is increasing rapidly with every passing week. Videos are the most popular and integrative type of content which definitely won’t miss the ultimate opportunity to grab the users’ attention. From selfie videos, live streaming to video assignments, expert tips, demos, best practices and others like these have dominated the eLearning sphere for quite a while as it is the most interactive form of content which the audience enjoys consuming.

The takeaway

We do understand that no two courses are alike and different strategies for each one must be put to use. But, the aforementioned ideas are the ones that are sure to work in every scenario provided that these are implemented with all considerations.

So, what are you waiting for? Grasp all the insights, incorporate these ideas into your eLearning program today, and disrupt the course you build.

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