How To Invite All Friends To Like A Facebook Fanpage with Just One Click

Created a new Facebook fanpage? What could be the best way to get fans? Of course your Facebook friends list. You can send your fan page’s like to friends and ask them to like the page. Facebook friends are so personal that you can even force them to like your fanpage. But hey, Facebook provide very easy option to do that.

Browse your Fanpage and there is an option that below the cover saying “Invite Friends To Like This Page“. That’s an easy option Facebook directly provided to invite your Facebook friends to like your fanpage. Clicking on that button opens a popup box from where you can manually search of select friends to send invitation to like your Facebook Fanpage.

But, if you ever tried this feature, you know it’s still very time-consuming given that TechieBlast has even smarter ways to promote your Facebook Fanpage. It’s still good when you want to send only a few specific people page like invites but if you want to send all of your Facebook friends the invite to like your Fanpage, it becomes really frustrating to select them one by one.

So today, I am telling you 2 easy methods which allow you to invite all your friends with a single click to your Facebook fanpage. Using these methods, you can invite thousands of your Facebook friends instantly to your Facebook fanpage with just a single click.

Method #1: Invite All Friends To Fanpage (Script)

In this method, I am giving you a script that will help you invite all your Facebook friends to your Facebook fanpage by just copying and pasting this page as instructed. Follow the steps:

  1. Open chrome, login to your Facebook & open your fanpage
  2. Scroll down (on the right sidebar), below the cover photo, there is a button “Invite friends to like this page”. Click the button
  3. Clicking the button will open pop-up box showing friends from your Facebook friend list whom you can invite manually by clicking on “Invite” button available next to them. Scroll down in this popup box till you hit the bottom when no new friend appears in the popup box. That means, you’ve loaded all your friends invite button in the popup box
  4. Now, Press F12 to open “Inspect Element” tool in Google Chrome. Click on Console tab available on the right.
  5. At this console tab, you will see ‘>’ angle bracket at the bottom with a cursor blinking. Copy and paste this code to console.
  6. Now, HIT enter and the code will automatically invite all your facebook friends to the fanpage.

Method #2: Using Chrome Extension – Invite All (for Facebook)

The above script works well but if it doesn’t work for you then this method is surely gonna work. In this method, we are using Invite All (for Facebook chrome extension to invite all friends to like a page.

Follow these steps:

  1. Install and active Invite All (for Facebook) chrome extension
  2. Now, login to Facebook and open your fanpage
  3. Click on “Invite friends to like this page” to open invitation popup box
  4. Due to this plugin that you’ve just added to chrome, a new button “Select All” will appear next to Close button at the bottom-right corner of the invitation popup box. Click the Select All button.
  5. As soon as you click the button, the plugin will instantly send your fanpage like invitation to all the friends available in your facebook friend list.

This chrome extension always works because if Facebook makes any changes or takes out any new update, the extension developer also modify their extension’s code to make sure that it always works and help its user to bulk invite all Facebook friends to a fanpage with a single click.

If you are having problem using this cool chrome extension, you can use Invite all friends to Facebook chrome extension which works similar.

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