Top 10 Must-Have Power Tools for Woodworking

Are you looking to start-up your new YouTube channel with your DIY woodworking tutorials? Well, this article might be a great help to know about the necessity of making your projects quicker, yet better. While working on a wooden job, you would definitely need a slew of tools; both basic and power tools.

Here, we will talk about 10 such unavoidable power tools, where each plays a different part for a particular job. Although using the basic tools is enough, power tools can make your task easier with less effort, especially if you want to keep your YouTube channel active by posting woodworking tutorials regularly, deal with many clients & bulk orders.


Let’s dive in to unleash the top 10 workshop power tools that are MUST for all your woodworking need:

Jointer & Planer

A flat and smooth wood board often makes a difficult task easier. The function of the jointer here is to make the job (wood board) flat. Unlike a planer, a jointer can flatten the wooden job such that as if it can convert a bow and arch set into an entirely straightened wood plank.

So, a jointer is a preliminary power tool one must have in their workshop tool kit. It sets the base for a successful woodwork output that comes later.

Jointer Planer

Surface Planer

A surface planer is yet another valuable power tool you might require for rough square lumbering and milling purposes. Moreover, the surface planer is also used to reduce board thickness. So, it acts both as a surface cum thickness planer. The tool includes a set of blades in the mid part of the planer, plus a range of rollers along the edge. The board is held by the rollers while the blades polish the wood skimming off the rough surface.

The food part of using this tool is it does the work relatively faster without making you feel fatigued. Plus, it ensures high accuracy while delivering a mill or square lumber; that is all set to start your woodworking project.

However, being a heavy-duty tool, it is best to use a jointer if the wooden plank has bows and curves. Else, this power tool will get really aggressive with wood, thereby its thickness may get uneven.

Surface Planer

Drill Press

This is one such tool that is seen in almost every woodcrafter’s workshop. A drill press includes a perfectly flat sat table that allows flawless drilling; a straighter hole with fine accuracy and zero fatigue.

Drill presses come with varied speed control ranges, and the drilling bits could be switched through larger or smaller tip forces. With a portable drill machine, it is however difficult to do so.

One notable benefit of the drill press is the tips can be swapped using a variety of drill bits, including a sand wood to a round drum sander This makes it a dynamic power tool that has countless possibilities of maneuvering the wood drilling task.

Drill Press

Radial Arm Saw

Radial arm saw is a simple power device that is used in quicker wood cutting tasks. The tool is highly accurate, however, that depends on the user using it. The only thing that this power tool excels in, is it can cut a bunch of woods very swiftly and smoothly one after the other. Overall, the tool is less tiresome compared to the portable saws.

Radial arm saws are transforming into the relics of woodworking industries in terms of security and advancements in circular saws making this tool just as good for wood cutting. If you have a room for this power tool in your workshop, it would be a good collection to your tool kit. Just be careful and ensure extra caution while working with this power tool.

Radial Arm Saw

Band Saw

A band saw is a dynamic power tool widely used in woodworking to deliver any sort of wood forms and contours that only a few tools can do. In spite of being used for its artistic crosscuts and accuracy,  the band saw is handy to saw lumber into portable pieces. This is the reason that makes it the most preferred power tool in the lumber mill.

Band Saw

Wood Router

A wood router is another top versatile power tool when it comes to woodworking services. This semi-portable tool is handy to use to make cutouts and hollow out wood with maximum accuracy. Apart from woodworking, the router has a wider application in the hardware industries as it can cut any material types; from hard fibers to heavy-duty aluminum.

Wood Router

Compound Miter Saw

A compound miter saw is again a handy power tool used in woodworking workshops, typically for cutting the wood in angles. This power tool can be adjusted to any desired angle that you need for making a perfect angular cut on the wood. From simple wooden dicing to making frame corners, the compound miter saw is a flawless cum easy to use woodworking tool.

Compound Miter Saw

Bench Grinder

A bench grinder is a fixed grinder tool, mostly used for quick and easy tool sharpening purposes. The grinder maintenance is quite easy as you would only require a metal brush or diamond dresser to clean this power tool. If your workshop is laden with a variety of tools that need regular sharpening, then a bench grinder would be a good addition to your arsenal.

As an alternative, you can consider using a belt sander that you get with a disk grinder. It has the same function as sharpening the woodworking tools equally well.

bench grinder

Circular Saw

Circular saw is an unavoidable power tool that is used in cross-cutting woods and us too simple to operate. The saw blade, which was adapted to a particular task you were doing, can be quickly and easily replaced if needed. As you get accustomed to using the circular saw, you will need it to conduct any of your woodworking projects. The only hardest part of this power tool is to learn the use of the measuring gauge. Once you grab the concept,  you can easily dice and cut the wood with the utmost precision.

Circular Saw

Power Drill

A power drill is the last, yet the indispensable power tool counted on the list. Three types of power drills are there, namely: Hammer drills, Regular drills, and Impact drivers. Power drills are portable devices powered by the battery. They, however, also come with a power cable for plug-in use.

Hammer drill exerts higher force and the bit rotates back and forth allowing you to easily bore through any hard or concrete material with great ease.

Hammer Drill

A regular power drill has its application both in commercial and residential tasks. This makes it a versatile power device. If you are opening a woodworking business, purchase a high voltage and high power-driven power drill. An extra benefit of the regular drill is you can change the bit and use it as an electric screwdriver.

Impact driver power drill has the same functional concept as the hammer drill. But, the force offered is less here. Overall, it is a handy power tool that can drill through a sturdy plastic material to a thin metal sheet.

Well, that’s all for the day. Hope this article will give you a good startup idea with your woodworking skills and may gain a fair number of viewers waiting in your channel to watch your woodworking tutorials with different power tools, every time.

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