Top 10 FREE Relaxing Music Apps to Stay Calm & Meditate

There is too much happening in everyone’s life. Everyone is hustling, struggling, facing disappointments from time to time, and doing all a person can 24×7 to be in a better future, a better situation, and a better place. It’s essential to move forward but it’s equally important to introspect, look back to your physical and mental health and make sure you’re in your best state.

In this busy life, you should spend a reasonable amount of time taking good care of yourself because you’re precious. If you’re not in your best state but still pushing yourself, it will slowly start diminishing your productivity, increase stress in life, start making you impatient, decrease happiness & charisma. In extreme cases can lead to sadness & depression.

So, to avoid all these negative energies you should start doing regular workouts, eat healthily and listening to relaxing music religiously because, among all these activities, listening to relaxing music will provide an instant effect.

relaxing music

Relaxing Music / Calming Music / Meditating Music songs are scientifically proven music which is observed to be immediately effective in relieving stress, calm your mind, increase happiness, boost work productivity and keep overall composure in personal & professional life. You can listen to them while doing workouts, yoga, reading books, working, or even sleeping. They don’t interfere with your activity, instead, these relaxing music help you stay more focused and keep your composure.

Today, I am telling you the top 10 free relaxing music apps that you can install on your phone right now and listen to there amazing music without paying a penny. I strongly recommend you to at least test them out for once, I am sure you’ll love the elevated mental state where music from these apps will take you to increase your productivity while relieving stress at the same time.


Calm is the most popular relaxing music and meditation app which lets you stay relaxed and focused all the time. The app has an amazing collection of natural sounds, calming music, and wallpapers. It has many multi-days guided meditation programs such as 7 days or focus or 21 days of calm which are claimed to be life-changing for many users.

Calm meditation app is available in Free & PRO subscriptions. On the Free version, you’ll be able to take a 1-day session of guided meditation program but you can enjoy its ever-updating relaxing music playlists. The app also provides a free trial to let you test all the amazing benefits of its premium subscriptions without paying a penny.

Calm Meditation App

Insight Timer

Insight timer is another very popular relaxing music and meditation app. It is used by millions of people on a daily basis. The app has amazing music tracks for any type of activity whether you want to sleep, remove anxiety, remove stress or increase focus, you can browse its desired category and either pick your favorite track or let the app decide it for you.

It is a free app with in-app purchases, so most of the part of the app is free. It’s community-driven and has a huge meditation social network where you can attend LIVE meditation events, meditation sessions, and level-up your meditation game.

Insight Timer Meditation Music App

Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

Headspace is a unique life-changing app with relaxing music as one part of the bigger issue the app wants to address. It works toward improving your overall quality of life by focusing on mindfulness and health & fitness. In its music tracks, you’ll find unique & amazing music on natural noise like rains, storms, breeze, morning birds chirping, music tracks based on mood – Anger, Stress, Sadness, Growth, etc. or activity like Sleeping or Working.

For sleeping too, it provides several different kinds of sessions which you can choose to pick. Moreover, headspace makes sure you’re at your best physical and mental state throughout the day by providing regular meditation, mindfulness, and even workout activities sessions with tutorials. The app is free with only very limited but important features being kept as in-app purchases.

Headspace App

10% Happier

10% Happier is an all-in-one app that provides guided meditation, relaxing music depending on your mood & activity, practical teaching. The app is a real-life meditation coach that you can keep in your pocket which helps users according to their own personality to relieve stress and increase happiness. It has 350+ guided meditations, sleep meditations, personal coaching by online meditation teachers, practical teaching, built-in timer, performance tracker, daily quick meditation tips, and more.

The app has both free offering and premium membership that comes with 7-days free trial. I strongly recommend you to take its free trials because authentic users claim this app & its sessions to be life-changing.

10 Percent Happier App

Relax Melodies

Relax melodies app is most among those users who are looking for relaxing music especially to get a sound sleep. The app has hundreds of natural sound, calming music, ASMR sound, bedtime stories that help you sleep better at night. It has over 160 sessions of guided meditation. Most of the features of relax melodies meditation music app can be used to improve overall quality of life.

It allows you to create your own soundspaces, set bedtime timer, and also suggest many sleep time activities that you can do to relieve stress before going to sleep.

Relax Melodies Sleep Sounds App

Meditation & Relaxation Music

Available for both Android and iOS, the Meditation and Relaxation music app is a very simple and straight-forward free yoga music app that has hundreds of soothing music & natural sounds that relax your brain through stimulation frequencies.

The app allows you to set a meditation timer for your relaxing music session and automatically play meditation music playlist in such a sequence that it gives you best level of relaxation.

Meditation and Relaxation Music

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Music Zen

Music Zen is a slightly different kind of stress-relieving app which doesn’t only facilitate the playing of relaxing music but it goes one step further to provide add-on features such as – calming visuals along with meditation music, guided meditation sessions, stress-relieving games, mindfulness playlists in stories or music and calming audio stories.

With all these features, music zen app not only helps you to relieve stress and maintain focus but also entertains you seamlessly via its interesting audio stories, games & animated visuals.

Music Zen Relaxing Music App

Simple Habit: Meditation App

Simple Habit meditation app is another very trending relaxing music app that has been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, and become app of the day in the App store. The app claims to calm your anxiety within 5 mins. It has multiple 5-minutes meditation sessions according to your mood, activity, or time of the day.

The app is made for all age groups. Adults, kids, and old people feel an equal impact because Simple habit has different playlists for different age groups. Along with relaxing music, Simple Habit meditation app has daily inspiration & motivation section featuring quotes and facts, many mindful movements which are simple yet powerful, a daily reminder, sleep timer and performance tracker to keep your mind & body at their peak state all day long.

Simple Habit - Sleep, Meditation and Relaxing Music App

White Noise Lite

White Noise Lite is an interesting meditation app. It has sounds to relax and sleep better. The relaxing music audio tracks are endless and the app allows you to be creative with them. How? It lets you combine multiple audio tracks together, record them, and loop.

White Noise Lite is a perfect companion to put at your nightstand. It has soothing sleep sounds and features to set an alarm which slowly fades away giving you refreshed morning instead of morning headache due to the shock of loud/pitchy alarms.

White Noise Lite App

Serenity: Guided Meditation

Serenity is a comparatively new app in the app stores but it is getting amazing reviews due to the innovative concept it follows. The app has different sections for Mindfulness, Relaxation, Happiness, Sleep, and Focus which have relaxing music, activities, and sessions provided in levels. These sections help you boost your attention, reduce stress & anxiety, build confidence & self-esteem, stay inspired, productive & motivated, and get better sleep.

Install this app to easily meditate in a proper way without doing your own adjustments. Stay active, unlock your full potential, and find peace by just following the plans Serenity app shows.

Serenity - Meditation App

These are the top relaxing music and meditation apps available for Android and iOS which takes your mind at an elevated level of mindfulness where you’re stress-free, peaceful, more productive, happy, and focused. So, if it’s your first time or if you’re looking for a better app to listen to meditation music or attain peace then pick any of the above-listed free calming music apps, you’ll love to feel how much changes these apps bring to your life.

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