Top 10 Best Medical Alert Bracelets for Patients, Kids & Old People

Recent studies have shown that more than 90% of the people who are treated in an emergency room have no medical history available. This lack of prior medical history urged companies to come up with something that can communicate important medical information when the person was unable to communicate the info on their own- thus medical alert bracelets came into the scene.

If your GP has recommended one for you, or you have decided to wear it on your own, remember that medical alert bracelet does not only give you peace of mind, it also can save your life. There are a lot of companies manufacturing medical alert bracelets in the market today so if you are looking for one, it can be quite puzzling to choose between them all. Here’s a look at some of the most popular medical bracelets with details on each of them:

medical id bracelets

1. Road ID Medical Bracelets

The Road ID bracelet is quite popular with outdoors community and is a well-known bracelet for people who are involved in hiking, biking, running, or cycling. There are several different designs that are available in the market including the nylon sports model, the silicone elite model, and the stretch model made from silicone. All the models have a stainless still faceplate that can hold up to five lines of customizable text. The bracelets are primarily designed for the sports community and are designed for everyday wear. These bracelets can also be linked to an online profile.

Online reviews show that many people have purchased the Road ID bracelet for their medical conditions. The band has consistently rated as being very comfortable with many users saying they don’t even notice that they are wearing it, it is so inconspicuous, yet it performs the work that it is intended for.

2. American Medical ID

American Medical Id carries in their quiver over 20 years of experience and claims that their medical alert bracelets are the best and the most affordable bracelets in the market today. The bracelets are men, women as well as kids. The women’s and men’s designs look like a jewelry piece from a store and you can find it in various materials like sterling silver, titanium or gold. Kids designs come in various trendy designs and colors and patterns. American Medical ID bracelets are very chic and stylish. and look like traditional jewelry. You can choose from a variety of designs and check which bracelet is the right fit for you.

American Medical ID

3. Elegant Medical Alert Bracelets

Elegant Medical Alert Bracelets, as the name implies are both functional as well as fashionable. The company offers, probably, the largest collection in medical bracelets. You may find these bracelets in leather, stainless steel, titanium, white gold, yellow gold, silver and also in diamond. Along with these varieties, you will also find “Design your own bracelets” variety where you can have more options to design your own bracelet. Customers have given rave reviews to Elegant Medical Alert Bracelets and people say that these fashionable bracelets are comparable to any jewelry.

Elegant Medical Alert Bracelets

4. Key2Life Sport Medical Alert Bracelets

Key2Life Sport features on the top list because it can hold even the most complicated and complex medical histories. The medical alert bracelets have 4GB of storage and are very comfortable to wear. All your medical records are stored on a slim USB drive with 3.75 GB storage. You can just plug into your computer and access your medical records in PDF or EXCEL sheet format.

Key2Life ID Medical Alert Bracelet

5. QRepublik MED ID Medical Alert Bracelets

QRepublik MED ID is a pretty comfortable and simple medical ID bracelet which has the capacity of providing your necessary information to your doctor, first responders and nurses. Instead of awaiting the USB drive to store the information this medical ID bracelet comes with a QR code which your doctor or nurse or even your first responder can scan with a smartphone. This will lead them to a webpage which will contain all your medical information.

QRepublik MED ID

6. Key2Life Paracord Medical Alert Bracelets

Here is another life-saving jewelry that you can buy for yourself or gift your loved ones. The strap is made of weaved paracord and the clasp contains a USB port with 3.75 GB of storage. The paracord makes this bracelet more versatile and you can store your entire medical history in USB drive concealed in the clasp. You can export all these data to an Excel spreadsheet or PDF by just plugging the USB drive into your computer. With abundant storage space, the medical bracelet helps you to store comprehensive medical records.

Key2Life Paracord Medical Alert Bracelets

7. Health ID Medical Alert Bracelets

This bracelet has been on the most popular medical id bracelets among the customers due to its ease of use. The interfaces provided in the bracelet to enter your medical data is very modern, user-friendly and easy to navigate. It also uses near field communication approach where your responder just have to tap their smartphone to the bracelet and your medical profile will appear on their phone. The downside, however, is that the NFC technology also requires your responders or doctors to have a phone with NFC and the phone needs to be equipped with an app to read it.

health id medical bracelet

8. Lauren’s Hope – The Classic Bracelet

This is a classic piece of life-saving jewelry that can become a seamless part of your lifestyle. It is so trendy that even your close associates will not be able to identify it as a medical bracelet. It has a larger width to accommodate more data, It comes in silver and rose gold which pretty much goes with every style you carry on a daily basis.

laurens classic medical bracelets

9. Delicate Layering ID Bracelet from Etsy

This is a delicate piece of jewelry that you can add to your collection. If you like to wear sparkly bangles on your wrist, you can think of adding a bracelet like this that can fit right in. If you just want to wear this bracelet alone, then this bracelet will look unobtrusive and elegant.

medical bracelets

10. Modern Piece Medical Alert Bracelets

This is one of the bracelets that is designed keeping kids in mind. This bracelet is a standout because of its sleek design; it looks similar to the Fitbit activity tracker. There are many medical alert bracelets available for kids in various style. Check out the collection and order the one your kid likes.

Modern Piece Bracelets for Kids

When you are planning to purchase a medical ID bracelet remember to check out some of the important aspects before you buy one. Always opt for companies which offer a lifetime guarantee on their engraving. Wearing the bracelet becomes futile if the engraved text can’t be read in an emergency. Look for bracelets that offer clean and crisp fonts so that your responders do not have to strain their eyes to read what is on it. Verify if your bracelet offers both style and function

Bottom line! Go for the medical bracelets which are durable with crisp engraving. Choose a bracelet which matches your hobbies and activities. If you are allergic to any metals like Nickel or latex then try other metals which do not instigate such situations.

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