Top 5 Answering Services for Business to Outsource Helpdesk

In this era of business and companies growing big to bigger day by day, it is literally impossible for a single person or owner to attend clients and help them out. Thanks to technology and new Inventions, for providing us with the necessary tools so that each of the leaders get a fair share in this competitive market.

Answering Services are the modern tool in rescue. These are the companies who provide you with people who would answer your customer call when you are busy working somewhere else. Not only that, some of the better answering service providers not only answer the calls, they schedule appointments, answer questions which are not technologically related to your business but related somehow and take necessary orders in case your company is a seller of any product.

Answering Services

Answering service also depends on the number of callers your company gets every day. An answering service providing company knows that a business needs two kinds of answering staff, one for the business members who work under the company, the associates and the other one for the customers.

In both cases, the answering service provider knows how to maintain the flow of calls keeping in mind how important it is to maximize the number of callers every day. Starting from healthcare, to real estate agents, from IT companies to furniture seller, answering service providers can be hired by a huge number of people, especially companies who are big and receive too many calls every day. These days it is almost necessary to hire these service providers and their purpose of hiring does not need overemphasis.

Top 5 Answering Services in the USA

If you are planning to subscribe for an answering service for your business, it is important to choose the one with good reputation & history in the market because if it is unable to provide your customers good support, it will directly affect your brand’s reputation. So, we are here providing top 5 answering services in the USA which have a large number of satisfied customers –

1. MoneyPenny

With a five star rating, this company tops the list of answering service providers and has made its place in top newspaper headlines like the New York Times and BBC. It has collaborations with Microsoft and IBM so the kind of service this company provides can be calculated easily. They have a very good staff record as well as client records because they believe happy staffs are the source of making happy clients. MoneyPenny Answering Service was started in the year 2000. They attend almost 15 million calls annually. It might create an idea this company being good only for the multinationals, but it is not like that. They have clients who are start-ups. Their total client counts to around 225K, a fascinating number to look upon and know that only a good company can achieve this with a great level of working capacity.

MoneyPenny Answering Service

2. Keystone Answering Services

Situated in the Allentown, United States, Keystone Answering Service started doing this work from the year 1987. So, the experience can be one of the reasons which made it achieve so much, and a rating of five stars in turn. It has won the ATSI excellence awards for eight consecutive years. They were the first one to start paperless in this field.

Keystone work structure includes taking the message from the customer and forward it to the client with additional work of background details such as the client address or account number if any along with the query. They offer services such as Disaster Recovery Solutions which allows the customers to leave a message during a fire, flood or any other calamities. They allow the clients to retrieve calls 24/7. They also have Emergency Call Handling where special instructions being given by the client previously is taken into consideration and the message of the customer is forwarded as soon as possible.

Keystone Answering Service

3. Centratel Telephone Answering Service

Another company who has experience of more than 30 years, Centratel chooses to work for a specific group of clients, limiting the number of clients because it believes in quality before quantity. They like to maintain their old staff so that the quality of the service remains stain-less, the reason they are famous as a well-paid institution. Their error record is clean, precisely 1 error for every 11,034 calls or messages.

Unlike other companies who send bills on a 28-days cycle which makes it 13 bills a year, Centratel has a policy of sending bill accounting from first to last day of the month, be it a 28 days month or 31 days. So, it limits to 12 bills every year. They also allow clients to judge them on the basis of their monthly work and do not have any contract or agreement, everything is a monthly cycle.

Centratel Answering Service

4. Anserve, Inc. Phone Answering Service

This company made its way from the year 1969, they maintain a small staff range and answer over 10000 calls a day. They have staff from different language backgrounds and their company speaks 200 languages to be precise. They store their calls for a period of almost two and a half year and they do not charge a single penny for emergency retrievals. Their service is extended towards small as well as big businesses starting from healthcare to plumbing, Homecare to Electrician, and utilities.

Answering Service

5. Sierra Answering Services

Situated in Las Vegas this company has an experience of over 30 years and their tagline mentions they work in an old fashion manner, implying they operate in a very low cost compared to the market rates. Starting from paging they have services like faxing, emailing, texting, call recording and the like. They are HIPAA Certified in the security. They have personalized service to match the different needs of their clients. They operate locally and can be trusted with information.

Sierra Answering Services

There are few other services such as Answer All USA, America answering services which offer almost the same services. But these were the top rated and their experience makes them top the list along with the work record.

While choosing an Answering Service provider you must read in details the services offered by them and consider if they match the needs accordingly. One can also contact them personally and talk to them, requesting the charges, monthly as well as annual. It is a crucial step towards making your business flourish, towards reaching a zenith, creating a milestone and making the dreams come true. Hope all the detail helps to choose one of the most suitable Answering Service Providers.

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