Top 50 Proxy & Mirror Sites to Unblock

Being a regular LimeTorrents user, I was very annoyed when my ISP blocked access to LimeTorrent via its main domain It is one of my favorite torrent websites which I always use to download latest movies, music, tv series, software & games for free. Upon contacting ISP, I got to know that not ISP but our country’s government blocked access to LimeTorrents that’s why even if  I try to visit this torrent site from my mobile data, the site won’t load and this message appears:

“Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information.”

This action was taken not only by Indian government but many other country’s governments too. They started banning LimeTorrents and other torrent & free movies streaming websites. If you are reading this article due to the same reason that you aren’t able to access LimeTorrents also then we are fellows. And, let me tell you as I faced this problem before then you so now, by the time you’ve faced the issue, I have sorted it out both for me as well as for you. 😉

I found some easy ways to unblock LimeTorrents which anyone around the world can use to access LimeTorrents website or it’s content even if the website is blocked by his ISP or government.

The most popular and widely used way to unblock LimeTorrents is via any good web proxy or VPN server. These services anonymize your browsing & fake your location and hence provide you access to any website which is blocked in your region either by website owner or country’s government. So, if you want to access LimeTorrents using the proxy website then use any of the proxy websites we have provided, enter LimeTorrents URL there and start browsing. If you want to use the VPN, then you can use any of these VPN Apps & services.

However, using Proxy or VPN services can slow down your connection and hence your internet browsing will suffer. So, if you don’t want to face it or want easy ways to access LimeTorrents without using any trick then you can use LimeTorrents Proxy & Mirror Sites. LimeTorrents Proxy or Mirror websites are LimeTorrents clone websites which are developed and maintained by LimeTorrent staff or volunteers who want to provide unblock access to LimeTorrents to all the users around the world.

These LimeTorrents Proxy/Mirror websites are having same content, index and torrent files because they are made from LimeTorrents but they are on separate domains. So, even if your government has banned the main domain of LimeTorrents, you can use these LimeTorrents Proxy/Mirror sites as LimeTorrents alternative to still access LimeTorrents anytime. Scroll down to find the huge list of 50 LimeTorrents Proxy/Mirror sites.

Lime Torrents Proxy/Mirror


Speed Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast
LimeTorrents ProxyONLINESlow
LimeTorrents UnblockONLINEVery Fast
LimeTorrents Mirror SiteONLINENormal
Unblock LimeTorrentsONLINEFast
LimeTorrents Proxy MirrorONLINENormal
LimeTorrents UK UnblockONLINESlow
LimeTorrents US UnblockONLINEVery Fast
Lime Torrents AlternativeONLINESlow
Access LimeTorrentsONLINENormal
Proxy of LimeTorrentsONLINESlow
LimeTorrents Unblock ProxyONLINENormal

Don’t worry about fresh updates. These LimeTorrent proxy/mirror sites are very frequently updated with the latest content of LimeTorrents so that users who are accessing LimeTorrents via these LimeTorrent proxies will still be able to get new & fresh content of LimeTorrents. You don’t need to use any trick. Just visit any of the above LimeTorrent proxy URL and you’ll have access to your favorite torrent website instantly.

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