Torentz: Free Unlimited Torentz Movies Download (10+ Sources)

Torentz is one of the most popular and reputed sources to download torrent movies, software, music, applications and many other premium stuff for free. Torentz torrents are always high quality verified torrents which provide maximum download speed. Even old and rare files and movies are available through Torentz search engine.

However, unfortunately Torentz was down due to some legal issues. So, if are die hard fan of torentz and now looking for other torentz alternatives from where you can download Torentz movies than we have come up with really great solutions for you.

Torentz Movie Download

We know you love Torentz and we know if you are looking for torentz alternatives, you will not settle down for any other torrent sites whose quality are not equal to torentz. So, we have carefully selected top 10 best torentz alternatives from where you can download torentz movies for free. Scroll down to find them best Torentz movies sites which you can use instead of as it is not available to serve you free movie downloads.

Torrentz Torrent Search is the best alternative for Torentz. Actually, you can consider it redefined version of your favorite Torentz to free download unlimited movie torrents. It is a meta search engine which searches any file in 30+ popular torrent websites and show results at one place. You can search for Torentz movies, software, applications, music, eBooks, and more.

1337x is an independent torrent website which host many torrent movies, software, application, music, eBooks and more. The site is widely popular after the major torrent sites were taken offline. All latest movies torrents appear in this website within a week so, you can easily download latest movies torrent just like Torentz quickly.


If your main aim to use torrent is to free download latest movies then YIFY-Torrent is the best torrent site to check. This torrent site host only movies torrent but of top quality – 720p, 1080p. So, now instead of Torentz, your have more directed torrent website to get popular latest movies torrent to download unlimited movies for free.

Kickass Torrent

Similar to, Kickass Torrent is another independent and popular torrent website which host every type of torrent. It has high quality, verified torrents with very helpful community. So, you’ll always get the best movie torrents to download your desired movies for free at fastest speed.


RarBG is yet another great alternative for your Torentz engine. The site is having very diversified database of torrents and daily new torrents about movies, ebooks, tv series, software, games, music, wallpapers, etc. are being added to the site. Users can use download torrent files from the site or use a torrent’s magnet URI to download desired torrent using their Bittorrent, uTorrent or any other torrent client.


ThePirateBay is one of the oldest torrent websites on the internet which you can use to find any torrent file or movie you want to search at Torentz engine. The site has proper description for any torrent uploaded to it and user comments are also there to find out which of the many torrent of same movie you should use to download a desired movie for free.

ISO Hunt

ISO Hunt is another old torrent website which was discontinued few years ago but now, the site is online with same grace it had in the past. Use it as your favorite torentz site as for any popular movie, you’ll definitely find a healthy torrent. I use this torrent site a lot to obtain my favorite movie torrents. If you love movies download too, you should definitely try searching your desired movies at ISO Hunt.

Extra Torrent

Extra Torrent is very simple torrent website which you can definitely use to get free movies torrent. It has minimal ads and very simple interface which allow any person to download any desired torrent quickly without wasting time in getting redirected to any spammy site. It is a clean alternative of Torentz to remember because if you have very small gap, you always want to get your desired torrent quickly.


SeedPeer is another popular torrent site with a history of continuation/discontinuation. However, the site is now online and is reliable. Navigate to verified section to browse the best torrent verified by other users for content, speed and reliability. The verified section usually contains latest movies torrents so browsing the section will show you unlimited movies to download from torrent and watch for free.

Torrent Funk

Torrent Funk is another very popular torrent site among movie fans who are required to download at least one latest movie daily. You can browse the site to get any movies torrent for free without signing up. You can even provide your own file/software/video by creating their torrent (because, sharing is caring). All the movie torrents available at Torrent Funk are verified and have best speed because slow torrents are automatically removed from the website.

These are some of the greatest alternatives of Torentz and millions of torrent users are using them happily. We recommend you to try them as of now your favorite Torentz is unavailable. These cool torrent sites now hold more torentz movies database to allow you to download all popular latest movies for free.

If any of these above torrent sites are inaccessible or blocked from your internet, you can use these proxy sites to unlock any blocked website. Though we have provided best torrent sites which are potential alternative to your favorite Torentz engine but if you want to know more torrent sites then check out our list of top 50 amazing torrent sites.

Comment below which of the above engine alternatives you liked the most.

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