7 Best Amazon Vlogging Gadgets for YouTubers and Vloggers

Whether you’re a YouTuber or vlogger on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or any other social media websites or apps, having the right gadgets are essential to make it big in your career. Right vlogging gadgets will not only make your task easier but they allow you to create such content whose quality & style is just impossible to achieve manually.

There are countless vlogging gadgets available online, ranging from few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars but here, we’ve provided list of essential vlogging gadgets for new vloggers which are available comfortably at amazon online store.


V2 Vlog Gear by Yantralay

Love those first person view shots of any bike rider or sky glider, scuba divers? Well, those appealing videos are created by attaching your GoPro to special attachment – V2 Vlog Gear camera mount. Let’s check its features – 

  • Universal for GoPro Hero 7 6 5 action cameras. Specially designed microphone adapter position to solve the adapter putting problem.
  • With Cold Shoe Mount on top, you can mount a microphone or LED video light on it, necessary for Video Shooting.
  • High quality ABS made, lightweight and portable.
  • Perfect vlogging gear setup for Hero 7/5/5 compatible to attach with your tripods, monopods and selfie sticks.
  • Dimensions are 6*5*3 cm. Item weight is 70 Grams.
  • Country of origin is China and the color is black.
  • Actual cost is Rs. 1,299/- . Amazon price is Rs. 977/-

vlog gear

6-IN-1 Vlogging Kit by Xtreme Acoustics

If you want to purchase your vlogging gadgets one by one over time then, the first gadget I recommend you to get is this 6-in-1 vlogging kit. It has microphone, selfie light, mobile holder, sturdy tripod stand and other important stuff that will get you started immediately doesn’t matter whether you want to record with camera or just your regular smartphone. Check out all what this 6-in-1 vlogging kit contains below – 

  • The kit consists of a tripod stand, mobile stand, windscreen, shotgun microphone (SGM-02), wireless remote and LED light.
  • The kit is perfect for everyday vlogging, video recording, YouTube starters, Instagram reels, fitness videos etc.
  • Tripod stand is adjustable and is made of ABS material with foldable legs that can be adjusted to use for various photography scenarios.
  • SGM-02 has a cardioid polar pattern that lets you capture audio within a radius of 5 Feet to 10 Feet. This microphone does not pick up ambient background noises, which helps to enhance the clarity of recording.
  • Smart mobile holders with cold shoes work with almost any product.
  • Wireless remote control allows taking pictures from a distance.
  • Windscreen helps to remove the extraneous and unwanted noise.
  • LED light meets more lighting needs, perfect for vlogging, YouTube or video conferences.
  • Country of origin is China. Item weight is 650 gram.
  • Actual cost is Rs. 3,699/-. Amazon price is Rs. 2,699/-

Tripod Stand by Yozti

Yozti tripod stand is your one stop solution to cater every tripod stand need and circumstances. This tripod stand is lightweight, provides very good height range, can attach various instruments and gadgets. Check out its other features because if your vlogging style demands you to stand more then Yozti tripod stand will be a good investment –

  • A 7 feet long tripod stand with 10 inches LED ring light can be applied on occasions such as makeup, YouTube video shooting, Vlogging, outdoor photography etc.
  • Video light’s housing is heat resistant. There are 3 light modes white, yellow and yellow plus white. There are 10 levels of brightness. LED ring lights are made up of special energy saving beads and powered by constant current drive.
  • Flexible phone holder is big enough to put the phone in the ring to make most of this circle light.
  • Adjustable and stable tripod stand extending from 16 inches to 50 inches and tripod legs unfold up to 30 inches wide.
  • Item dimensions are 45*20*4 cm. Item weight is 1400 grams.
  • Country of origin is India.
  • Actual cost is Rs. 1,999/- Amazon price is Rs. 899/-

The Studio Backdrop by HANUMEX

For most of the vloggers out there, the studio backdrop is a must. It allows you to hide your background completely and replace it with any other scene or lets you record such pictures and videos from where you can easily replace the background. This studio backdrop is available in various colors but popular ones are neon green, neutral gray and white. Check why you should consider HANUMEX Studio Backdrop fabric that any other brand –

  • The green screen backdrop is made of opaque, wrinkle free, soft and durable cotton fabric that makes it perfect for photo studios, makeup videos, product shooting, parties, live interviews, YouTube videos and Vlogging. It has fully stitched edges to prevent tears.
  • Item weight is 746 grams. Color is green. Country of origin is India.
  • Backdrop stand is not available with this studio backdrop.
  • Actual cost is Rs. 1,199/- Amazon cost is Rs. 599.

green screen

CSLM 20B Lavalier Microphone by JBL

A lavalier microphone is a small microphone used for television, theater and public speaking applications to allow hands free operation. They are provided with clips for attaching to collars, ties or other clothing. The CSLM 20B Lavalier microphone is the best microphone available at budget price. Check its features below – 

  • A clip on omnidirectional lavalier. Easy to clip at multiple angles, it provides great flexibility to content creators, working professionals and presenters.
  • This LR 44 battery powered lavalier mic connector offers outstanding speech clarity and a 360 degree omnidirectional audio pick up making it easy to place the mic where required to capture audio.
  • 3.5 mm TRS jack is compatible with most smartphones, DSLR cameras, tablets, and mixer amplifiers.
  • Suitable for content creation, podcasting, Vlogging, Dubbing, YouTube recording.
  • Cable length 6 meters.
  • Product dimensions are 13*3.4*9cm. Weight is 49 grams. Country of origin is China
  • Actual cost is Rs. 2,000/- Amazon price is Rs. 954/-

LED Video Light by Osaka

This USB type C rechargeable Video LED light is used to create a variety of effects such as simulations of fireworks, flashing red and blue lights of police cars and lighting a flickering fireplace. Both power output and color temperature are adjustable. Your creativity will boost when you start using this light in your prop. The key features of Osaka LED video light are –

  • Osaka Bi-color dimmable LED video light comes with a battery and charger. It is compatible with all DSLR cameras and suitable for YouTube video shooting.
  • Color temperature can be adjusted from 3200K warm white to 5600K cool white by highly efficient microcontroller based controls.
  • Item dimensions are 173*153*46 mm. Item weight is 439 gram excluding battery.
  • Actual cost is Rs. 4,375/- Amazon price is Rs. 2,900/-

Gimbal by Digitek

The use of Gimbal in videography is very important to provided perfect stabilization to the videos. There are various gimbals available in the market but Digitek gimbal is a reputed brand which is priced good and hence any beginner videographer can consider it. Check out what other features will you enjoy about this gimbal – 

  • 3 axis features provide greater multi directional stability for smartphone uses without a shake or jerk. Turn everyday situations into incredible moments with panoramic shots, Time-lapse, shoot blooming flowers and rolling clouds.
  • Charge smartphone using Gimbal as power bank while in use.
  • Intelligent shooting modes (PAN, TILT) to allow a movement of 330 degree PAN, 325 degree TILT for best video shooting experience.
  • Comes with face tracking and can also follow an object of your choice. After locking the characters on the screen, it follows the movements of the captured people
  • Item dimensions are 25.4*20.3*20.3 cm. Item weight is 500 grams.
  • Actual cost is Rs. 10,995/- Amazon price is Rs. 5,499/-



The word Amazon means “Massive”. A to Z arrow represents that Amazon sells everything. The “A to Z” curve represents the smile that Amazon offers to their customer’s faces. Amazon provides the genuine gadgets that are mandatory for YouTubers and Vloggers like different types of cameras, Stabilizers, microphones, lighting, a computer, headphones and backdrops at huge discounts with a 30 days money back guarantee. 

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