Best Entry Level Jobs with No Experience  in New York

Entry-level job is a job where a person needs minimal experience to work. These kinds of jobs are suitable for school or college freshers those who are planning to grow up their career. It is a good step for interns and trainees.

This is also a turning point for those who are trying to switch their career to some better extent. Some people have misinterpreted this kind of job like there is no scope of career growth or no financial security or people are overworked or underpaid etc.

But, it is better to say that every good thing comes in a small package. So, right beginning is the way to success in future. Entry-level jobs open up those ways to the interested persons as well.

We are living in an era, where technology has wrapped us from dawn to dusk. Technical jobs are considered to be the best option for the career-seekers. There is no need for experience because technology develops everyday. One can perform this kind of job while learning simultaneously. Plus, the payment is pretty handsome for starting up.

Entry-Level Jobs You Can Get in New York

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A company hires a digital marketing manager to look after its product development, implementation and marketing strategy. A digital marketing manager promotes a brand campaign through digital space.

They focus on product awareness, sales development and customer satisfaction. They also manage the social profile, websites and customer services of a company. They look after the process of brand advertising and other public communications.

Digital marketing managers are the front-line employees of any organisation, who invent fresh ideas for digital marketing promotions. Their duty is to search new platforms, search engines and technologies that could help to improve the brand presentations.

  • Job Efficiency:

To be a digital marketing manager you need to have knowledge about search engine optimization or SEO and SEM. You have to be proficient with online advertising, marketing solutions, social media, database apps. You should have creative and analytical skills.

Moreover, you should create a professional and likable personality of yours, that can earn your customer’s reliance.

  • Average Remuneration: $53,876*


Digital Strategist

Digital strategists create business strategies and long-term company goals along with the help of their team. They are in the charge of problem solving solutions of a company. They also handle the customer-complaint services. This is the most entertaining and innovative job profile that enjoys collaborating with colleagues.

  • Job Efficiency:

A digital strategist should be proficient in some digital and technical skills. They need to know how to create online advertising, html emails, social networking, media marketing and methodical and analytical programme research etc.

  • Average Remuneration: $56,617


Content marketing managers are responsible for the marketing of the content of a brand or product of any company. Their job is to create new brand content ideas, along with editing, proof-editing and refining the outdated contents from the company website.

They need to have the knowledge to share the content in an appropriate platform and distribute the information through reliable social media. They should be creative and have leadership skills to produce perfect marketing strategies in the team.

  • Job Efficiency:

A content marketing manager should create a handy content with the help of some basic computer systems like Html or Css or Python, that would be operable for all. They are responsible for newslettering, email campaigning or blog post formatting about the brand of a company. They need to know the operating system of WordPress as well as CMS.

  • Average Remuneration: $61,433


Web developers create the code that powers websites and web apps. HTML, Ruby on Rails, Cascading Style Sheet, PHP, JavaScript, and Python, etc. are the programming languages the developers mainly work with. Apart from that, the web developers scale and maintain the sites with the time and evolution.

Web Developer

There are many web developers who work in collaboration with the web designers, whereas some play both the roles alone. If you are a newbie to the technical field and searching for a web developer job at entry-level in spite of zero experience, you would probably need to search with the job title like “Jr Web Engineer” or “Junior Web Developer”.

  • Job Efficiency:

A web developer’s job is to create well designed site layout by using advanced computer technology and using them according to the company’s requirements. They need to be able in creating new ideas to enhance their company’s webpage from the beginning to bottom end.

They are responsible for gathering data and refining them as per comp specifications. A digital marketing manager should stay advanced with regular technical development and apply them to company’s operations and activities. They should also cooperate with the web designers of the company to match up the digital design components.

  • Average remuneration: $53,343


To be a data analyst you have to earn a bachelor degree related to statistics or math, that will help you to emphasise your analytical skills. A data analyst ‘s work is to gather a large database and to analyse the information according to the company’s or business requirements.

Data Analyst

Data analysts often optimise the data through metric or other statistical processes. It is also their job to show the impact of data processing in the business. They should provide more user-friendly charts and graphs to show the improvements in business.

  • Job Efficiency:

Data analysts should be experts in different computer languages like JavaScript, Python or Visual basic etc., need to have proper ideas about databases, should be methodical and ability to meet deadlines, need to keep keen knowledge about business details of the company the person is working for. Analysis should be logical and easy to understand for all.

  • Average remuneration: $60,645


Junior web designer works under experienced web designers as their assistant. As a jr. web designer you will work in a team under the supervision of your seniors.

You will be involved in a project as per your potential. Web designers have to work with different computer programming systems to design new web pages, like Html or css or Adobe programming.

  • Job efficiency:

You should have a basic idea about design sense that can easily grab your employers’ attention. Creativity will be appreciated. Must have knowledge about the operations of design tools. Have to know the use of CSS, HTML or Adobe animation etc.

Content designing is as important as graphic designing in this field. You need to be focused on clients’ requirements. Your designs should be simple and easy to understand for all. Fonts and codes should be used methodically. Unnecessary exaggeration should be prohibited.

  • Average remuneration: $47,369


Nowadays social media has opened up a vast range of scopes for the freshers, those who are willing to start their career in a technical field. Social media marketing has been qualified as the best tech job as well. It is the greatest opportunity for those who are interested in digital media management.

social media manager

To establish yourself as a social media marketing manager To excel as a social media marketing manager, you need to follow a planned strategy. You have to make yourself familiar with gathering information as per your work, you must know about the social bulletins.

You have to track content-optimisation and its impact on social web. You need to keep your eyes on further strategy growth.

  • Job efficiency:

Planning for the strategies, content writing skills, web development, attention to social media affairs, creativity, techniques and  execution, basic knowledge of web tools and data analysis, community or brand management and experiences about different search engines etc.

  • Average remuneration: $48,547

Let’s Recap

Each and everyone of us has some different career goal. You need to choose something in technical industries. You need not to make your mind burdened from the very beginning. Choosing the right path and moving forward accordingly is the only way to get success.

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